Jive Never Releases Statement, Justin Timberlake Grinds With Other Gal

It appears the reports of getting dumped by her *NSYNC boyfriend Justin Timberlake are true. Even though Jive promised to issue an official statement on the matter earlier today, nothing but a “no comment” was given, while Justin was spotted at Hollywood hotspot A.D. The *NSYNC singer was “bumping and grinding” with a dark curly-haired beauty, according to a spy who said, “I think Britney was the last thing on his mind.” Justin’s bandmate looked on with Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore and Christina Aguilera.

Fans Buzzing After Timberlake Returns To The Buzzcut

March 11, 2002 – Following several reports from last night’s *NSYNC show in San Diego, fans on *NSYNC message boards are sounding off on news that Justin Timberlake has again shaved his beloved curly hair. LittleStar said sarcastically, “Maybe he shaved his head to symbolize the loss of the rest of the group for when they break up. There’s so many rumors out there these days.” Reeya cried, “Man, I can’t believe he shaved the curls again!”

Justin’s Falsetto Of Britney Gets Him In Hot Water

March 11, 2002 – Billy Masters of Filth2go.com reports Justin Timberlake of *NSYNC got himself in major trouble with gal-pal at the premiere of ‘Crossroads’ when a reporter asked him about the film, Justin broke out in a high falsetto voice, ‘Not a Girl, Not Yet A Woman’. Britney laughed as she snarled, “Knock it off” through clenched teeth.

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9 thoughts on “Jive Never Releases Statement, Justin Timberlake Grinds With Other Gal

  1. Fan says:

    Now the tabloids are just milking this. It’s dumb.

  2. AJsGirl4Life says:

    Ok I’m seriously getting confused here. Did they or didn’t they break up? I’ve never heard of this site where this came from but MTV just reported that it wasn’t true. It’s on MTV.com also and it says that Britney said it all came from a British tabloid when she said something about her and Justin not getting to see each other very often. And the rest they just blew out of proportion or made up. Oh well, it’s not that I really care since I don’t like her or him but I just would like to know what’s going on.

  3. MusicMan says:

    I had been waiting for the Jive PR and never saw it today either… So while they may have thought it wasn’t necessary after Britney was quoted denying it, there may be something to this. Maybe Justin broke the news Monday night and Britney flew back to LA in a rage phoning up Tara knowing she’s always up for getting drunk :)… Or they were just off by a day. In any event, Britney is supposed to be in Vegas in a few days to watch *NSYNC’s show… If she doesn’t show, we’ll have a better idea.

  4. Fan says:

    I read reviews of Justin at his meet and greet today. He was cheerful, got asked the question and said “No, they didn’t break up” he even joked with the little boy who asked about the little kid thought he had a chance with her.

    Britney has to be in Stockholm by Monday, her not flying back into the States isn’t going to prove anything she has an extensive promotion tour planned.

  5. EndIsNear says:

    This is pathetic, they’re trying to cover up the fact that Justin destroyed Nsync by involving poor Britney in this absurd fake rumors.
    She must get rid of Timberlake for real or he will destroy her too.

  6. Syndney says:

    Apparently Page 6 is out to prove something, either this is bad PR stunt out of control or something else. I just don’t get why this is national news.

  7. SmilingMonkey says:

    After hearing over and over again that they are not a couple anymore and to then find out it’s not true is annoying as hell.

    So why should I believe the ‘break up’ this time?

    I don’t believe assumptions anymore, so unless we get a straight answer I don’t believe the gossips.

  8. Fan says:

    Chris announces on radio Justin’s going solo and taking a break from the group and this stuff comes up the same time. Just 2 days after MSNBC’s article on NSYNC breaking up in the fall [8 months isn’t it].

    This is either Page6 out for an attack or Jive trying to push this on Britney to spare the solo career budding for Justin to sweep the confirmation of the break under the rug. He cannot do well without his NSYNC fans and if he loses them because he broke NSYNC up he’s lost.

  9. Syndney says:

    Ooh….you might have something… than again how long did the Puffy Daddy or is it P.Diddy and J.Lo saga continue in the press… Things that make you go hmm.

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