J.Lo And Ben Affleck Turned Kevin Smith Off Big-Budget Films

The Sun caught up with Kevin Smith in a Q&A and asked the ‘Clerks II’ director what was it that made him change from making big budget films with Jennifer Lopez to doing indie movies again. “Making a flick with J.Lo,” Smith responded. “I was sitting on ‘Jersey Girl’, which had a budget of $35million, and I was like: ‘Why does this movie have to be this expensive? I just want to tell a simple story.’ And it was the star salaries – Ben was $10 million, Jen was $4 million. That’s when I knew that next time around I wanted to make a movie with no stars in it, because they look more like real people and aren’t very expensive. I wanted to tell my story without having to worry about demographics or the market or how ‘Gigli’ performed. I like it when the flick becomes the star, when the story that you’re telling in the movie becomes the front and center. It’s so disheartening when you’re on a movie like ‘Jersey Girl’ and you spend two years of your life trying to tell a story and all people want to know is ‘did you see the big pink diamond ring?'”

McCartney: I’m Sorry J.Lo

September 2, 2006 – ‘Access Hollywood’ correspondent Tim Vincent caught up with Jesse McCartney, where he talked about facing the media glare for telling a radio show that Jennifer Lopez was pregnant, apparently passing along what he had read in tabloids. McCartney revealed J.Lo was very upset about it and gave the impression he spoke with her personally to apologize.

Don’t Mess With Jennifer Lopez’s Man

September 1, 2006 – Wednesday’s birthday party at Manor for producer Swizz Beatz saw Jennifer unleash her claws on hubby Marc Anthony after dared to break away for a few minutes to talk with other guests. He then did some innocent dancing with Brazilian beauty Selma Fonseca, prompting one of J.Lo’s bodyguards to quickly warn Fonseca, “Don’t ever dance with Marc like that!” After Marc returned to J.Lo’s table, a spy revealed to The New York Daily News, “She went off on him in front of Kanye West, who looked embarrassed.” No longer in a partying mood, the couple shortly left the bash.

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