J.Lo And Marc Filming ‘El Cantente’ Tuesday

Jennifer Lopez and hubby were photographed on the set of ‘El Cantente’ in New York City on Tuesday (December 13). Check out pictures from RexFeatures and GettyImages.

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5 thoughts on “J.Lo And Marc Filming ‘El Cantente’ Tuesday

  1. RPL says:

    Surely J.Ho met more attractive guys than Mark, but why did she marry him hmmm. anyway, they are both in it??? uh no, another gigli.

  2. JLOVER101 says:

    Okay, for those of you that don’t know the story I will give you a very brief synopsis. The movie is based on the life of “the greatest salsa singer of all time”, Hector Lavoe. He lived a life full of ups and downs, including a very long love affair with drugs. He began his career in the late 60’s, but did not get to the level of fame that he now has until the late 80’s, and he died in 1993 at a very young age. Marc is playing Hector, and Jennifer is playing his wife Puchi. It’s a low budget film, and it’s being made mostly for the artistic aspect of it, nobody is expecting it to be a major box office hit.

  3. ScorpionMan says:


  4. JLOVER101 says:

    Starting by the fact that her last 2 movies were hits, you make no sense.

  5. hooker says:

    for the record, j-lo’s last two films, were not, that, big/smash hit, it was, just, a so-so, at the box-office, I think, gwyneth paltrow, is, a class act, while, j-lo, belongs, to a low-class category. it’s obvious, j-lo, is, jealous/envy of gwyneth paltrow, who has, an oscar award, already, the most, prestigious award, when, it comes to acting. gwyneth, even, said, that, at that time, of, bennifer 1, ben affleck, needs a stripper/prosti girlfriend. ekk!

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