Jennifer Lopez, Britney Spears Considering TV Talk Shows

The Associated Press reports Jennifer Lopez and Britney Spears are both considering plans for doing syndicated talk shows that would hit airwaves in fall 2004. Bill Carroll of the media buying firm Katz Television Group indicated that both Spears and Lopez would have shows lending their name to the project while appearing certain days on the show. In J.Lo’s case, her sister and New York radio deejay Lynda would be included on a potential show.

‘Gigli’ Already On Cable?

August 6, 2003 – During his monologue on Tuesday, Late Show host David Letterman poked fun at the Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck starring ‘Gigli’, and J.Lo’s Madame Tussaud’s waxwork. Letterman joked, “It’s just hot, muggy and humid here in New York City. It’s just terrible, it’s so hot we’re withering – it’s so hot here that down at the wax museum they had to pack Jennifer Lopez’s ass in party ice. Have you seen the new J.Lo movie, ‘Gigli’? (silence and Dave laughs) Ok, well I went and saw it last night. I left early and when I got home it was already on cable.”

One Good Review For ‘Gigli’

August 6, 2003 – Stu Bykofsky of the Philadelphia Daily News saw the Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez starring ‘Gigli’, and defended the film which he says was victim to “the product of ‘pack journalism’ on the part of snotty elitists who decided that Bennifer had risen too far, too fast and now it was their God-given duty to drop the pair.” His own thoughts on the flick? “I watched the movie in a theater with Bennifer’s core audience and they enjoyed it. I found ‘Gigli’ somewhat heavy-footed, with overwritten monologues, but light enough for summer.”

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7 thoughts on “Jennifer Lopez, Britney Spears Considering TV Talk Shows

  1. HoneyRain says:

    I know J.Lo is so called the best at everything (arguably) but I’d put my money on Britney. I just think her show would be more interesting and appealing. eh.. I’m really skeptical about either one of them having a successful talk show.. I think they should stick to the music.

  2. XxmissyxX says:

    I think both of them are just saying that…and they’re not actually gonna do it tho. like jlo…she’s been saying forever that she’s gonna make a sitcom…and it never happened! I don’t have hope for any of these ladies if they do make talk shows. just…DON’T!

  3. Gimmeabreak says:

    I can see j-lo doing this but not Britney…i don’t think she should try producing anything…she needs to concentrate on her music…starring as daisy duke…yeah…but don’t try to produce Britney…leave that perfume idea alone too.

  4. vtg says:

    Neither of them will be the talk show host.. They will only be the producers, i.e. behind the scenes.

  5. Xtina-Dirrty says:

    Yeah right. Like a high school dropped out like Britney can handle a talk show… What can we expect from a slut who said Australia is located in Europe? A whore who thinks Canada is overseas. A very dumb b!tch who said “My cousin and I are so close because like, our moms are sisters.”. And about Jho, Oh my I don’t even want to start with her. Oh God, please have mercy, our world is turning into hell with these sluts.

  6. jazzprofounder says:

    I agree with you. J.Lo and Britney are so unconvincing in everything they do! J.Lo doesn’t convince me that she is a good actress. And Britney alone doesn’t convince me she has talent at all! It’s always about hype with these two. When I come to think of it, with Jen’s big huge flop in Gigli, it’s kinda ironic that all of a sudden she’s NOW announcing this. And also, with Britney’s new album coming out, it’s also ironic that she’s announcing this now all of a sudden. As usual, it’s just about money,media attention (and also competition), and trying to add something else in their persona “talk show host”. Nobody is gonna watch it. They aren’t even gonna host it. So what’s the point of watching?

  7. CARPEDIEM says:

    Carpediem’s Mistress… I agree with ya, Britney needs to leave the outside ventures alone for awhile and concentrate on her music. Once her CD is done then concentrate on acting not producing. The dukes of hazard movie would be great for her because lets face it, Brits not a great actress and that role would fit her well. There’s nothing wrong with her wanting to do these things, I just think she’s biting off more than she can chew. Her music should always come first.

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