J.Lo & Cris Judd Over – Lopez Back With Puffy

Cindy Adams of The New York Post reports Jennifer Lopez’s marriage to dancer Cris Judd is over and that she’s returned to Sean ‘P. Diddy’ Combs.

Table For Two Mr. Lopez?

June 6, 2002 – Globe magazine reports Jennifer Lopez’s hubby Cris Judd exploded when a waitress at an eatery in Los Angeles called him by his wife’s last name. Cris told her, “My name is Judd – not Lopez!” The waitress apologized but Cris made sure to remember the gaffe when it was time to tip – he didn’t leave her a dime.

Set To Star As Superhero Therapist

June 4, 2002 – Variety reports that Jennifer is set to star in ‘Shrink,’ an action comedy about a therapist who specializes in helping superheroes get over their personal problems. Lopez’s character will be a former superhero herself, but a traumatic incident forced her to stop using her powers.

Jennifer Lopez Nixes Deal To Steal Sean John’s Top Designer

June 4, 2002 – The New York Post reports Jennifer was close to signing Sean ‘P. Diddy’ Combs’ top Sean Jean clothing designer Heather Thomson for her J.Lo clothing line – but nixed the move because it would have caused a rift with her ex-boyfriend.

Says Jennifer Lopez Is Stunning

June 4, 2002 – tells TeenHollywood.com that Jennifer is the best example of beauty in the entertainment industry. “I think for natural beauty Jennifer Lopez is stunning,” she said. “Even when she’s not wearing make-up, she still looks incredibly beautiful.” Mumba also talks about her own body. The full interview at Teenhollywood.com has since been removed.

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