J.Lo Penned P. Diddy Song

revealed that a track that ended up being left off of her ‘J.Lo’ album was in tribute to her ex Sean P. Diddy Combs which was titled ‘I Love You.’ The track was eventually given to Faith Evans, who has included the song on her new album, ‘Faithfully.’

J. Lo Defends Concert Not Being In New York

November 15, 2001 – held a press conference ahead of her NBC concert defending the decision to hold it in Puerto Rico rather than New York as the singer insisted, “From the time a show was first mentioned, I thought about doing it in Puerto Rico.” As for not going on tour, Lopez blamed her busy schedule saying, “I was doing movies and other things, so it just wasn’t possible.”

J.Lo Explains Contract Rider For ‘What’s Gong On?’

November 15, 2001 – The New York Post reports has responded to her reported demands for the ‘What’s Going On?’ charity single explaining she has nothing to do with those requests. Lopez says, “Anything as far as [contract] riders and things like that, I’m not involved with that. I go to the places, if its nice it’s nice. If it’s not it’s not.” As for her media scrutiny, J.Lo added, “I can’t let all of the media coverage . . . affect me, because then it’s not fun for me anymore, so I don’t let it in my world. I have the satisfaction of always knowing the truth and I never do anything that is going to make it hard to make me sleep at night.”

Top Of The Pops Stink May Suffer J.Lo Wrath

November 14, 2001 – The Sun reports organizers at this year’s Top of the Pop Awards are fearful that a stench at the show’s Manchester-s MEN Arena venue may cause a fury with notorious diva Jennifer Lopez. A source with TOTP admits, “The whole backstage area absolutely stinks. It’s unbearable,” adding “The biggest worry is J-Lo is only a few doors away. With her reputation she could throw a massive strop.” Read more.

J.Lo Plans Diva-ish Reunion on Top of The Pops

November 10, 2001 – Peoplenews.com reports Jennifer Lopez’s demanding ways for her Top of the Pops appearances mirror her requirements last year as she again is demanding at least 10 rooms for her and her entourage of more than 100 people. Clothing designers are working round the clock to come up with outfits for her and her 10 backup performers for the diva’s performance later this month. A source admitted, “You don’t get much more of a diva.”

J.Lo Turns Down Rolaids Offer

November 9, 2001 – The New York Post’s Cindy Adams reports Jennifer Lopez turned down an offer from Rolaids to back a major ad campaign for them telling restaurant critic Gael Greene, “I have a stomach made of steel.”

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