J.Lo Returns Praise To Ben Affleck

After her ‘Gigli’ co-star Ben Affleck took out an ad in The Hollywood Reporter praising her “kindness, dedication, diligence”, returned the kind words to TV Guide Online. J.Lo said, “I didn’t expect him to be as wonderful a person as he is. I just thought he’d be a regular, normal, nothing-out-of-the-ordinary, nice person.” As for his ad, Lopez said, “It was nice. It was refreshing, and it was lovely of him to do. He did it from the heart.” Read more.

Explains The Message In ‘Enough’

May 17, 2002 – Jennifer chatted with MTV News about her new film ‘Enough’, which hits theaters today. Jennifer described the film portraying a woman involved in an abusive relationship before learning martial arts to turn the tables saying, “[If] you’re in these negative situations – negative relationships, whatever – you can get out. The power to get out of those things is always within yourself. That’s the message of the movie.” Read more.

Britney, J.Lo, Shakira Specials Ahead Of Divas

May 16, 2002 – VH1 will deal out over 130 hours of Diva-driven programming — celebrating more than 25 ultra-fabulous artists in VH1 specials, series and movies, capped by the live “VH1 Divas Las Vegas” special on Thursday, May 23 at 9pm (ET/PT). Amongst the specials is a Saturday showing of VH1’s TV Moments which premieres an all-new episode focusing on Jennifer Lopez. On Monday, ‘Being: Shakira’ shows fans what it’s really like to live the life of the singer, and airs next Monday at 7:30 p.m. Then on Tuesday, VH1 features a new episode of ‘Driven: Britney Spears’ at 9:00 p.m.

‘Enough’ Good Enough To Bring In Decent Coin

May 15, 2002 – Jeffrey Wells of Reel.com snuck in to see the starring ‘Enough’ at its preview showing last Saturday, where he speculated that Columbia Pictures may have allowed a sneak peak of the film thinking the film can sell itself. Wells wasn’t convinced but said, “‘Enough’ may be good enough to bring in some decent coin. As revenge thrillers go, it’s clearly a second-rate, difficult-to-swallow chain-puller, but the combined efforts of screenwriter Nicholas Kazan and director Michael Apted lend a faint whiff of class. I know I’ve seen worse and I wasn’t acutely bored.”

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