J.Lo Says Her Music Isn’t Of ‘Black Origin’ – Refuses MOBO Request

The Scottish Daily Record reports Lopez has refused to let any of her songs be included on the MOBO 2002 (Music Of Black Origin) album. An insider explained her refusal saying, “No one at MOBO could believe it when J-Lo told them why she didn’t want to be on the compilation. If she’d just said she didn’t want to be on it, then fine. But to claim her music isn’t of black origin is a joke. On what grounds is it Latino music? It’s not like she’s singing in Spanish. It will be nice to hear what people like P. Diddy, Ja Rule and Nas think of her comments. Without them she probably wouldn’t have had so many hits or number one albums.”

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4 thoughts on “J.Lo Says Her Music Isn’t Of ‘Black Origin’ – Refuses MOBO Request

  1. Glitter says:

    I don’t think it would have mattered either way (allowing them to include the song or not) because if she did let them, there would be people bashing her, saying she’s disowning the part where it’s Latin. She’s screwed both ways. Now I don’t like her, but give me a break.

  2. kiki says:

    She is a no good, trivializing, little b****. She has had Ja Rule on her recordings and P Diddy to produce her songs and other rappers to feature on solidly acclaimed album. And she has the nerve to say that she doesn’t want to be on MOBO. She is a wannabe, and as a black girl like myself I will not support her trivializing a**. I know that she want to be in her Latin roots but please I think you are a bit two-faced.

    Music is a universal language, whether you sing in Spanish, French or English. If you like RnB or Swaghili. Music is music. I also think you should have respect for the music today, ever since the 50’s all of this has been made by BLACK PEOPLE. And the music today has been the full force of the music industry has done by black people. Jennifer Lopez Have some respect and you are from the Bronx, don’t for get where you came form.

  3. NYC says:

    They should all know by now that J-Lo’s way of working is using people to climb the ladder in the entertainment business and once she gets to the top, she’ll drop them like nothing. She’s very ungrateful to people who helped her accomplish her music career. I can’t believe that she doesn’t want to be categorized as black music when her music made it to the top because of the help from all of these talented black artists. She stole Mariah’s song and now she’s trying to claim her music is Latin music when she has P. Diddy, Ja-Rule, Nas, and Ashanti in it? That bi*tch has gone too far. I think she has cross the line and should be booted out of the industry for sure!!!! Why don’t she just stick to Latin all the way if she doesn’t want to be part of black music. She needs to stick to music styles like Ricky Martin, Mark Anthony, and the guy with the biggo mold on his face, ???? forgot his name. Anyway she needs to stop making money out of black people’s music!!!!! If she’s proud to be Latin, why is she using the word “Nigga” in one of her songs?

  4. joxe says:

    You’re such a whore! Your music isn’t a black origin but you collaborated with Ja Rule and other black artists plus your music was produced by black people, now I will call you the biggest fake artist! Why don’t you just stick with your sleeping around talent. Let’s see and wait if you stopped collaborating with black people will give you a number one hit or album again!

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