J.Lo & Shania Learn The Lesson Of Mariah & Whitney

David Browne of Entertainment Weekly sounds a sour note on the future of and Whitney Houston. Browne writes, “The apathetic public response to both ‘Charmbracelet’ and Whitney Houston’s ‘Just Whitney…’ confirms that these two longstanding, long-screaming divas have met their expiration date.” He added, “The lesson to learn from all this chaos would appear to be obvious: You can only take your control-freaky, money-flaunting, power-tripping behavior so far before it all comes crashing down around you. It’s a lesson that has clearly made an impact on the two women who have replaced Whitney and Mariah in the hearts and stereos of America, namely Shania Twain and Jennifer Lopez.” The full story at EW.com has since been removed.

Cris Judd Breaks His Silence

February 15, 2003 – Cris Judd has spoken with Access Hollywood for the first time following his divorce from Jennifer Lopez. When asked if he could go back and do anything differently would he still marry Jennifer, Cris told Nancy O’Dell: “Absolutely, I would, 100 percent, absolutely. I believe in the whole sanctity of marriage, and when you finally find that person, and you believe in it, that’s it.” You can catch Cris on ABC’s new reality series ‘I’m a Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here’.

Ben Affleck And Jennifer Lopez To Marry In The Summer

February 14, 2003 – Boston’s MIX 98.5 morning man John Lander interviewed Ben and asked him what his plans for Valentine’s Day were. “I’m opening my movie and NOT getting married,” Jennifer’s fiance insisted. Ben said the two will get married sometime this summer, and he says he won’t change his name to Lopez afterwards.

Reps Deny Jennifer Lopez Is Pregnant

February 14, 2003 – The New York Daily News reports an insider tells them Jennifer has had to scratch plans for a three-night concert run in New York because she’s pregnant with fiance Ben Affleck’s child. Reps for the couple denied this latest report, noting that J.Lo is due to start filming in April on ‘An Unfinished Life’ with Robert Redford.

Ben Affleck Turns The Tables On Regis

February 14, 2003 – Ben Affleck appeared on Live with Regis and Kelly on Thursday where Regis Philbin grilled him about his engagement to Jennifer Lopez. “You’re involved with the hottest woman, you’re the sexiest man alive, she’s got to be the sexiest woman alive and you’re in love,” said Regis. However, Ben jokingly turned the tables on Philbin. “Yes, I’m in love, it’s like when you saw me backstage and you were doing that whole thing saying, ‘Jennifer Lopez, I’d drop my own wife like a hot rock, forget about it I’d even drop Kelly, but we won’t repeat that’.”

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One thought on “J.Lo & Shania Learn The Lesson Of Mariah & Whitney

  1. Thomas/ London/ UK says:

    Shania Twain and J-Lo should NEVER be used or written about in the same breath or context as Whitney or Mariah. It is like writing an article that tries to correlate a country hut or motel with an award winning 5 star, 5 diamond hotel resort.

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