J.Lo’s Big Butt Talk Bums Out Lynda Lopez

Jennifer Lopez’s sister Lynda Lopez tells the New York Daily News she’s not happy with how the media constantly talks about J.Lo’s butt. “It really bums me out,” says Lopez, unaware of her pun. “This may be a harsh way to look at it, but I almost feel like it’s insulting. … There’s nothing about her that is so different from the women we knew growing up.”

Chris Rock’s Reincarnation Dreams

July 16, 2002 – When the Sunday Mirror asked Chris Rock, “If you could be reincarnated, who or what would you come back as?” Rock replied, “Jennifer Lopez’s thong.”

Marriage Split Causes Conflicts With J.Lo’s Glow Ads

July 14, 2002 – The Sun reports had to pull a poster campaign for her new Glow perfume – because they show her and estranged husband Cris Judd in a romantic embrace. The couple did the photo shoot for the ad just weeks before their split. Ad execs are also reportedly busy re-writing the script for the TV commercial for the fragrance, which shows the J.Lo as a rich lady while dancer Cris plays a lowly highwayman.

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