J.Lo’s Manager Move Causes Friction With Ben Affleck

The Enquirer reports Jennifer Lopez is furious at Ben Affleck after her fiance convinced her that she should fire longtime manager Benny Medina. “When Ben said it was time to dump Medina — the guy responsible for launching her — Jennifer trusted him,” an insider said. “Ben thought that by getting new management Jennifer’s career would reach a new level. But his plan backfired — and now Jennifer’s furious at Ben.” It’s backfired because the pal says the move “has only cemented her self-absorbed, ruthless image.” The pal added, “Even though she loves Ben, Jennifer’s worked way too hard for any man to damage the empire she’s created.”

Will Jen And Ben’s Real Lives Overshadow Film Lives?

August 1, 2003 – Some wonder if the private lives of Jennifer Lopez and fiance Ben Affleck will overshadow their professional work together on ‘Gigli’ and the upcoming ‘Jersey Girl’. “I do worry about it,” Lopez admitted to CNN. “Like now that the movie is coming out and there’s been so much press on us, you know, I feel like ah, I wish that people could go in without the extra baggage.” Affleck added, “I think it’s a double-edged sword. I think it can also help. I think it can — it certainly generates attention and in a crowded marketplace, that’s valuable.” Check out a transcript here.

J.Lo Sticks Her Nose Up To Juices

August 1, 2003 – Globe magazine claims Jennifer Lopez won’t let tomato, apple or grape juice touch her lips, instead preferring sipping room temperature Evian water.

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One thought on “J.Lo’s Manager Move Causes Friction With Ben Affleck

  1. melissagsam says:

    I’m sorry but J.HO is a grown woman. If she isn’t the least bit grateful to the man who created her stardom and can discard him at the whim of a boyfriend. That just goes to show her character. Boyfriends and in J.HO’s case husbands come and go but friends especially friends who help you to stardom should always be appreciated. Talk about low class!

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