J.Lo’s Words To Ben Affleck That Ended Their Romance

The National Enquirer reports Jennifer Lopez told Ben Affleck in their final confrontation: “You don’t want to marry me! It’s time we called it quits!” The tabloid reveals in its new issue how J.Lo’s jealousy over Ben’s relationship with Britney Spears help push her over the edge, how Matt Damon and Sean ‘P. Diddy’ Combs played a hand in the split, and more.

Jennifer Lopez To Bring Spanish Variety Show To U.S.

January 30, 2004 – Contributed by lopez_lover: According to Broadcastingcable.com, Jennifer’s Nuyorican Productions has acquired Distraction Formats’ ‘Le Grand Tralala’, for distribution in the U.S. The one-hour variety show features celebrities hosting a live prime time entertainment show without knowing who the guests are going to be. ‘Le Grand Tralala’ is a hit in Spain and France, where it was originally produced and where Lopez appeared in one episode. “After appearing on the show in France, I knew I wanted to be involved with bringing ‘Le Grand Tralala’ to the States,” Lopez said. “I felt such a rush with the live audience – it was both a challenging and rewarding experience, especially having to perform off the cuff with no prep time.”

Jennifer Lopez Being Urged To Donate Ring To Her Alma Mater

January 30, 2004 – The New York Daily News is pressuring Jennifer to donate her 6.1-carat pink diamond engagement ring to Holy Family School on Blackrock Ave. in the Bronx, the school the diva attended before she became famous. Holy Family principal Claire La Tempa said, “It would be very nice if Jennifer gave back to her old elementary school. The students would greatly benefit from any donation she would send.”

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4 thoughts on “J.Lo’s Words To Ben Affleck That Ended Their Romance

  1. rangergirl says:

    It’s her ring she should do what she wants. She could also talk with Ben to maybe work at something mutual. Like maybe, half of proceeds could go to a charity or school, etc. of her choice and half to his choice(s). I mean, I understand if she indeed does want to give the ring back, but what will he do with it?

  2. clayfan says:

    She should KEEP that ring. It’s socially acceptable–he ended the engagement. And she shouldn’t donate it to her old high school. She can donate money or time to the school, but she should just keep that ring for herself. At some point she will just want to wear it on her right hand, or make it into a nice pendant. But no way, no way does it go back to that jerk.

  3. justhadtocomment says:

    I don’t think the Grammys told Janet she couldn’t come. I heard she cancelled the appearance herself. They were even showing video footage of were her seat was and that were not going to “un-invite” her because of the Super Bowl. They said something about how they felt it would be censorship, or something along those lines. Summary: Don’t jump to conclusions.

  4. Carrie says:

    I truly believe they all had a part in Ben’s plot to dump her. Matt hated her from the beginning, Britney’s been in love with Ben for years so Matt had her play her part, Puffy was probably in on it because he either wanted Jennifer back or away from the white boy (not sure). I’ve been seeing that Brit has been part of the plot all along – She’s the one rumored to having been caught in the bathroom last year with Ben. She’s been going around with a diamond engagement ring. Last March she said she was lightly dating a guy that had just broken up with his girlfriend but wouldn’t give the name. In a recent TV interview she mentioned Ben to Diane Sawyer. In another recent interview she said she wanted someone “quirky”. Who else can be quirkier than Ben – no one. All the signs were there- either Jen was part of this soap opera for the money or either she was played BIG time. If I had to guess, she was in on it, but hurting, and went along with it for the sake of their movies. In the end, they didn’t accomplish anything, Ben goes back with the Brit where he belongs and she probably goes back to Diddy. Watch out Diddy – Karma will get you for dumping Kim twice for J Lo.

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