Jo O’Meara Recounts Failed Suicide Attempt

In an interview following her controversial appearance on ‘Celebrity Big Brother’, former star Jo O’Meara told News of the World about how she locked herself away and refused to go out, failed in her suicide bid because a friend came home unexpectedly, believed she was too psychologically fragile to go on the show, and felt betrayed and abandoned by Big Brother bosses. “I was in so much pain and just hurting. I couldn’t believe what I’d become, and how I’d been shown on telly,” O’Meara explained. “I was shaking, but I poured the whisky into the glass. Then I just took one Nurofen, then another, then another. I was on Prozac so I knew I wasn’t allowed to drink but I swallowed a quarter of the bottle. I thought this will take it all away and I’m out of it all then. I just felt, I can’t keep going on and it can’t get better. I went very sleepy, and it all started to become a blur. I could feel I was starting to drift off. I didn’t care. All the suffering was slipping away.” Luckily her best pal Cindy Lazarus, who’d been staying with her, returned home in the nick of time.

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One thought on “Jo O’Meara Recounts Failed Suicide Attempt

  1. janine shields says:

    I love you Jo and always have, you have a lot of supporters out here so keep your chin up and I would to see your horses

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