Joanna Pacitti Has Close Ties To Two ‘Idol’ Execs

Joanna Pacitti

Star magazine hears that not only has ‘American Idol’ contestant already released a major label album and opened for Sheryl Crow, the singer also has close personal relations with two 19 Entertainment execs, Michelle Young and Roger Widynowski. Pacitti has called Michelle her “manager” and “best friend,” while Roger is credited by the 24-year-old with “helping me get where I am today.” Adding to the conflicts of interest is news the trio lived in the same L.A. apartment complex for several years.

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One thought on “Joanna Pacitti Has Close Ties To Two ‘Idol’ Execs

  1. Ria says:

    LOL LOL anyone that believes all this crap ia a MORON really. The Star??/ may as well go read a roll of toilet paper? She has nothing. But I do believ everyone needs to do their homework. If singing in front of thousands and thousands of people with kenny Chesney,and more with reba Mcityre, and many many more,and releasing an album,and also on Nashville star and staying till 6th place,is not much more then this person did then your brain is numb. Also the blind person,whom everyone has a soft spot for,has had 6 albums and been performing all over the worl,and has been on CNN and many more shows then this girl also. Go do your damn homework before believing what the dirtiest mag in the country says ok

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