Joe And Nick Jonas Golf Without Shoes

Joe and Nick Jonas golf without shoes

took part in TOMS Day without Shoes event on Thursday (April 8), and the singer asked Twitter followers (@joejonas) if they’d join him in the effort to raise awareness for children without access to footwear. Joe writes:

One Day Without Shoes! Tell me about your barefoot stories so far.
Ouch! Be carefull! @joejonas hey im doing the day without shoes and so far i have stood on an ear ring and it really hurt but hey its for a good cause JESS :]x (via @JessWagoopJonas)
Well thanks for the support! @joejonas if i go to the restaurant barefoot and they kick me out, im blaming you, okay ? :) <3 (via @danaxlove) :) My awesome director @ericdeanseaton is letting me go barefoot in this next scene for Sonny!! #hardwithoutshoes (via @ddlovato) Golfing barefoot with @nickjonas

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