Joe Jackson Claims Omer Bhatti Is Michael’s Son

In an interview with / TV One, Michael Jackson’s father Joe claimed that 25-year-old Omer Bhatti is the King of Pop’s son, even though Bhatti reportedly told a friend that there’s not a biological connection. Joe also said he believes Michael would still be alive today if he had been active in the singer’s life.

Watch three clips from the interview below.

Omer Bhatti Tells Friend Isn’t His Father

July 26, 2009 – Though Omer Bhatti was feted as Michael’s honorary son, the 25-year-old from Norway tells The Mirror that they have no biological link. “Michael is not my father. He and I were just very, very close. He was my best friend,” Omer told a close friend. “Michael always used to say I was like a son to him. But my true parents are here in Norway. The reason I was asked to sit with his family at the memorial service is because I was Michael’s closest friend – not because I am his son.”

Was Dead Upon Paramedics’ Arrival

July 26, 2009 – Sources tell TMZ when paramedics arrived at Michael’s home on June 25th he was flatlined with no electrical activity in his heart and showing no sign of life. Though the paramedics wanted to pronounce the King of Pop dead at the scene, Dr. Conrad Murray, who had a higher medical authority than the EMTs, insisted that the singer be sent to the hospital.

One worker said they didn’t realize the famous singer they were dealing with for nearly 10 minutes. “It just looked like a frail, old, sickly man,” the source said.

Investigators To Meet With Michael Jackson’s Doctor Again

July 23, 2009 – Investigators in California are seeking another meeting with Conrad Burns, the doctor who was with Michael when he died. They also want to see more of the late pop star’s medical records. NBC’s Jeff Rossen reported on the developments, along with the battle over wear to bury the King of Pop and comments from Claire Hoffman of Rolling Stone about the magazine’s issue dedicated to Jackson. Watch the report, aired Wednesday (July 22) on the ‘Today’ show, below.

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2 thoughts on “Joe Jackson Claims Omer Bhatti Is Michael’s Son

  1. OctoDadisMarcAnthony says:

    MJ, John of 8 + 8, and Marc Anthony are
    real-life OCTODADS! Huh? But, I like MJ’s music..

  2. Astris says:

    Oh, Joe. Well, he was an honorary son. Maybe he is maybe not, but all the Jackson’s love him and he has been loyal to MJ. More loyal than blow Joe.

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