Joe Simpson Talks About His Daughters

Joe Simpson, father of Jessica Simpson, posted another update on Jessica’s official site message board. Joe talks about his other daughter Ashlee signing a record deal and that Jessica has just returned from Mexico, where she’ll next perform on Mad TV. Read on for his comments.

Hey you guys!! Well, we just got back from Fresno California. We performed there last night. It was a great show and the fans are wonderful. This date was very special because Ashlee is not going to dance for Jessica anymore. She is ready to pursue her own career. She has offers right now to join a group that could throw her instantly into the spotlight. She also has offers for her own solo thing. She is trying to decide which way to go. Keep her in your prayers. She is also busy going to acting classes and working on her movie career at the same time. I only wish I had all those choices when I was 17. Most of my choices involved going to the show or not……

Jessica just got back from a tour in Mexico. She really has been busy these days. This next week she will perform on Mad TV. She is supposed to do a skit as well. Hold your breath for the funny Jessica…. Hey,,,, we have been on MTV this week. You guys are the best to keep voting for her. She really needs your support. We would as always ask you guys to keep those phones and computers voting!!!!

I will tape a message from Jessica this next week. I am sorry I have let you guys down lately. Two things have happened. First we got our camera stolen. I have just bought a new one. Second, as you know, my mom is dying. I cannot tell you how hard it is to watch your mom die. I really need your prayers these next few weeks. She has been the best Mom in the world!! You should all tell your mom how much you love her!!!

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