Joel Madden Chats With MuchMusic About Hilary Duff

Joel Madden of Good Charlotte stopped by MuchMusic the other day, confessing he and are a couple. When asked about her teeth, he replied, “They look great! She is the prettiest girl I have ever seen.” Madden later complained about the question on his band’s blog.

Video at has since been removed.

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10 thoughts on “Joel Madden Chats With MuchMusic About Hilary Duff

  1. ihatehilary says:

    a hilary/joel story! I was starting to think we wouldn’t have one today. I thought we’d just have to make due with regular Hilary stories, so I was making them all about joel, just incase. I’m always prepared. just like that s.lut astrange1. she’s always got a condom with her. maybe this can beat the other most read Hilary story for the day!

    joel’s learned to act calm infront of the camera, then be a little b.itch about it behind the scenes. he’s learned it from hilary. cuz Hilary does it too. and he has to do it infront of Hilary when she gives him an order that makes him feel below her and every man with one ball on the planet. he does what she tells him, then cries to benji afterwards and then they have sex. mmmmmm… twinsex.

  2. xCherylx says:

    shut up-who do you think is ruining it-you’re obsessed with Hilary

  3. ihatehilary says:

    i think you are ruining it! duh! can’t you read?? and I’m not obsessed with hilary. why does everyone always think that?? I’m obsessed with Joel and benji, and therefore joel!!! now that we’ve got that cleared up, hi ssl! how have you been?

  4. xCherylx says:

    what is ssl? and I’m not ruining anything I’m commenting on Hilary it’s what this site if for

  5. ihatehilary says:

    you are ssl. but I always wondered what ssl stood for. so while we’re talking, what does it stand for?? this site is not to comment on hilary. especially not the Hilary topics. and least of all the hilary/joel topics. that’s what Hilary sites are for. with all the other retarded fans like you. nobody here even likes hilary, except you and ssl, but you are ssl so.. these are to comment about everything but hilary! right twisted?? look twisted, we got ‘another’ Hilary fan. oh well, at least she’ll keep me company while you’re gone. since you have astrange1 tied up and forcing her to squeal like a pig while you violate her bunny with the neck of your banjo. you sick hillbilly f**k!

    i don’t believe lilsongwritergal sent this in. she hates hilary. especially with joel. thanks popstar!

    actually, I don’t care who sent this in, lilsongwritergal or popstar.. just please send in one more Hilary story at least so I can comment first and beat cheryl before she ruins it for me?? thanks again!!

  6. SpiceSquirrel says:

    Joel Madden is just as punk as Ashlee Simpson and Advil Lasagna. I will admit that they both have more balls than he does.

  7. malibu says:

    i actually saw that interview Joel is referring to. I usually like hannah as well (the vj at much), but what bugged me is that it seems like she asked the question on purpose to kind of put Hilary down, which is totally unprofessional. I don’t know if anyone else saw it, but the other vj, leah was laughing with hannah about it after…. I don’t know maybe I’m just over-reacting, but I thought it was mean spirited, who cares if Hilary had her teeth done? she looks good either way.

  8. xCherylx says:

    shouldn’t you be listening to your Hilary cd’s, it’s obvious you can’t get enough of her

    ya, agree with you. she does look good and it was mean to even mention her teeth

    honestly-is that your whole life to respond first, how sad feel bad for you -poor thing. hope you find something in life that’s more meaningful

  9. ihatehilary says:

    i’ve moved on. now I can’t get enough of you. that’s why I’m commenting to all the Hilary stories. I know you’ll be here, and see my comments and reply to me. it’s the only way I can get you to talk to me. are we friends now?? fu** off twisted! I got a new friend now!

    i love being able to insult twisted and not have her say anything back cuz she’s dead! even though if she was alive she still wouldn’t be able to think of anything to say back cuz she’s too stupid! and I love saying right twisted? and know she can’t reply back either. cuz she’s DEAD! or somewhere… but I’m sure as soon as she comes back she’ll search for all hilary/joel stories and find this and reply to me. if she can figure it out before I kill her again.. I’m so glad she’s dead!

    you’re feeling like Joel did. understandable. so you should post your comment in the story about Joel being angry about what the VJ said too instead. it just doesn’t belong here. there you go. it’s just too on topic for this story! go off topic more next time please!!! p.s. if Hilary didn’t want to get made fun of, she shouldn’t have gotten her recent extreme makeover from hell. she was pretty enough as she used to be. even i’ll admit that. unless she’s trying to look more freakish and like benji so Joel likes her more. but then she’d have to gain all that weight back she starved off and then another hundred pounds. or maybe Joel is making her feel not good enough, and so she’s doing this to herself to be good enough. see, this relationship is obviously not healthy. break up with him hilary! then he can go back to his fat brother and you can go back to looking human again. mmmmmm, benji and Joel doing it… see how the off topicness thing works?? but seriously, if she could honestly look at her new horse teeth after she got them put in and didn’t think anybody would make fun of them then she really is just as crazy as mikey jackson is for thinking nobody would make fun of his new nose and face either. and you, Hilary fan, are just as crazy as mikey fans for telling us we shouldn’t laugh. it’s like are you serious?? we all know you’re at least shaking your heads as well. some fans you people are!!! poor mikey and hilary.

    “hope you find something in life that’s more meaningful” I have. talking to you! you’re my new best friend. twisted can go to hell!

    “She is the prettiest girl I have ever seen.”” Joel obviously hasn’t been looking at alot of girls, being a twink and all. and probably getting yelled at by Hilary and bitten with her previously mentioned new horse teeth if he tries to even sneak a glance.

    that’s not what I heard! I heard “Joel madden of good Charlotte stopped in much music the other day to talk about Hilary duffs walrus teeth”. I heard this story was changed. and making fun of Hilary and sh** was left out. I heard that straight from the horse’s mouth! no pun intended, hilary. so lilsongwritergal really did send this in. well sort of.. just not this exact thing. cuz it was changed!!! GAH!!! sorry popstar! but you send in alot of other stories. let her have this one.

    f**k off twisted. I got a new canadian friend. her name is lilsongwritergal and she doesn’t tease me about Hilary and joel. AND she went to warped tour! so eat me! but don’t, cuz you don’t get to anymore cuz I got a new friend! and cheryl!

  10. malibu says:

    actually I’m not a Hilary Duff fan at all. I don’t have a problem with her, that’s just not my style of music. I just think for a professional reporter to ask a lame question about someones appearance, as oppose to the music they make, its shameful. I would give up my crappy job anyday, if reporting meant I could get away with asking stupid questions that don’t relate at all!!

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