Joel Madden Clarifies New Year’s Resolution

MTV Asia caught up with Good Charlotte frontman Joel Madden who clarified the New Year’s resolution he gave to MTV that he’d get married and have babies. “No! I was kidding! I was like, joking around! That’s one of the downsides of doing what we do,” Madden said. “You just say something in lightness and half of my new year’s resolution aren’t for real. And a couple of them I was just joking around.” As for the claims he’s dating Hilary Duff, Madden said, “Me and Hilary know each other. We are friends. It’s weird because we are not going to deny being friends. And it’s kinda hard because we don’t want to like, not hang out because of the press. But it’s hard. I say something like that, the press automatically take it and used it against me, and say things that damage our friendship even more. It’s kinda like a tough thing. But you know, it’s one of those things that come with it. You gotta expect that they want something interesting to write about.”

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