Joel Madden Plugs New Hilary Duff Songs

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Joel Madden, in his online blog on the Good Charlotte website, made a plug for the songs he and his brother Benji wrote and produced for Joel’s girlfriend Hilary Duff. In his July 20th entry, Joel writes: “I’m trying to think of any new music I want you guys to check out. Well of course you could check out the songs we produced for Hilary. That sh** sounds great. I’m serious. Her best work yet. I love pop music, but most of the time there is always something wrong with it. Like the lyrics are too cheesy, or the music is to overdone or just something is off. The Dead Executive stuff we did with Hilary is right on it. It’s like the perfect mix of 80’s new wave and dance. I cant stop listening to it. So you kids look out for that, you’ll be surprised, gonna be bobbin your little heads to miss Hilary Duff.” In the next entry in his blog, he affirms his status with the teen queen with a little shout out writing “and I gotta say hi to HILARY<3."

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7 thoughts on “Joel Madden Plugs New Hilary Duff Songs

  1. lilsongwritergal says:

    Writes with a teenie heart when 26.what’s wrong with this man?

  2. ihatehilary says:

    anonymous my ass!!! popstar, you’re dead! and MM, credit the bitch! she just forgot to log in!

    it sounds more like he’s trying to plug his songwriting and the dead executives. also, what did he affirm? he just said hi to her and did a little heart. I say hi to twisted all the time, and I’d do the little heart but I can’t cuz it’s censored cuz it’s too gay. Joel uses gay hearts. even MM doesn’t use gay hearts. what does that say about joel?? oh yeah, and I don’t use hearts with twisted cuz I hate her!

  3. twistedpsykko says:

    oh don’t lie, you know you love me <3333', 'anyways, I'm not sure if this is bad or not but just so you know, I'm not gonna be here for a week cuz I'm going to my cottage. hah I'm gonna get so DRUNK!!

    that's not the only thing he plugged with Hilary you know. in the first one on the page he plugged her crap ass movie, and then in the three after that he plugged her in general. god, he's so WHIPPED! omg I just realized he's here right now in toronto, cuz good charlotte's gonna be at the air canada centre tomorrow. my friend's gonna go see them. she said she was gonna ask if I wanted to go too, but she didn't cuz she has a crush on Joel and I tell her he's gay, so I'd just annoy her the whole time.

  4. astrange1 says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen a grown man so totally under the spell of a teenage girl since the movie “American Beauty” – only this is real. The heart thing might be cute if he were also 17…since he’s 26, it’s really kind of creepy.

  5. ihatehilary says:

    oh, shut up. you’re an even bigger loser than Joel is.’, ‘he wrote that crap, but YOU took the time to read it. and you’re more obsessed than MM and me! even I didn’t read it!

    i’d rather him be gay. so it’s a good thing for me he is, and this whole Hilary thing is just a cover!

  6. ihatehilary says:

    oh I thought for a second you were going to see mcr and the used and warped but then I remembered you weren’t! HAHAHAHA! you better be back for the VMA’s! I wonder if astrange1 will suck up to me now.

  7. twistedpsykko says:

    i didn’t read all of it, I skimmed through it cuz I had nothing better to do. so there *sticks tongue out at you*

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