Joel Madden Rubs Off On Hilary Duff

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bought a variety of drinks at Vons Supermarket in Burbank. Her groceries consist of Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Evian, Fiji water, Red Bull, Hi-C, Diet Snapple, white cranberry juice, orange juice, and fruit punch. Hillary was looking more and more like rocker boyfriend Joel Madden of Good Charlotte, who’s currently on tour, wearing dark eyeliner and a MADE hat, a clothing line the rock group mainly wears. Noticing her bright fuschia slippers, it’s clear that the teen actress is in love by painting Joel’s name on her toes.

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One thought on “Joel Madden Rubs Off On Hilary Duff

  1. ssjace16 says:

    I honestly think that she can do sooo much better.. I mean when I was 17 I had a 23 year old girlfriend… So I’m not against it… But she could do so much better, when you look at them they look like two different sides of a coin… Definitely not a match… She needs to find a guy that will suit her and her image… But in the end its her choice… lol… She’s still got plenty of time to get it right lol…

    All I can say is gross… Hes so blah… Its her life but him ugh… Shes so pretty she could do so much better

    I think she’s that type too… Probably would wait… But Joel is the complete opposite… I feel sorry for her…

    He looks like a monster and she looks like an angel lol

    I reckon she only going with that freak because she doesn’t want to be controlled… I mean shes been in the business since she was 13 or something… And shes always had to do this and do that… And you know how teenagers are… Joel is completely against everything she is supposed to be… Especially her image… I reckon its her way of saying that shes her own person and she can make her own choices… It wont last…

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