Joey Fatone Does Not Snub Fans

Contributed by ireallyknow:

Here are two fan encounters from JJB

jcsbuddy: “My daughter and I were there. The people who worked there were rushing fans through the line pretty fast, but Joey was super nice. We actually went through twice and we were the last ones. We got two pics signed, and the Reel DVD. I got a handshake and a hug fraom Joey, and a “Thanks Babe.” from the hottie. He even called my daughter “Sweetie.” We got a chance to get pics with him, too. After he hugged me he left. He left about 2:20 because he went through everybody! Not because he was mad or anything! Joey looked great, and we drove 200 miles to see him! We drove from Ft. Lauderdale in South Florida. It was well worth it for us! Joey looked great, too and I think the signing was awesome!!! He wasn’t promoting his comedy album in any way, either. Just The Reel *NSYNC. Don’t know where they got that info, cause it’s wrong!!!”

SpaceCowgirlFL “That’s such a load of crap. The K-Mart people made it semi-crappy because they rushed us so much…but Joey was wonderful. He was in a fantastic
mood, and was super sweet to everyone. (I too got my own little term of endearment )

There were a LOT of people there…but he did leave early from what I’m told (I left right away), because the line was through. (Which would make sense because they were pushing people through at warp speed.)”

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