Joey Fatone On Howard Stern Show This Morning

came in to the Howard Stern show this morning to talk about rumored romances, On The Line, Justin and Britney, and *NSYNC, in a short but somewhat revealing interview.

Joey made sure Howard knew when he came in that he wasn’t gay saying that he’s had the same girlfriend for 9 years now and that they’ve had a 6 month old baby together. Robin joked that he was going through a lot of effort to prove he’s not gay.

Howard of course wanted to know about whether Justin Timberlake and really hadn’t had sex. Howard was asking Joey if he thinks Britney’s just a ‘technical virgin’ and that they have oral sex or if he ‘gives it to her in the butt,’ but Joey said he ‘Honestly didn’t know.’ He repeatedly claimed ignorance saying the guys in the band don’t talk about their personal sex lives with each other, just business and friendship related stuff. Joey laughed and said ‘No’ when Howard asked if he’s ever smelled Justin’s fingers.

As for rumors about himself, Joey denied dating Chyna, Minnie Driver, and Rachel Hunter. He’s friends with Chyna and he met and hung out with Minnie and Rachel but that’s it. He says the tabloids see him out with those people and jump to conclusions. Joey says he is faithful to his girlfriend and that he feels comfortable with her since she loved him before he was famous and ‘didn’t care about the money.’ Howard says she might have loved him then, but she definitely does care about the money and that she probably would have dumped him had he never got his big break. Besides, Joey says most of the girls coming up to him are only 12 so he wasn’t gonna go for that.

Joey talked about working with and resisted efforts by Howard to call him a freak. Joey says after seeing Michael’s nose he feels sorry for him but Robin and Howard said he shouldn’t because Michael did it to himself by having all those surgeries.

Howard took a few calls and one guy asked if he screwed his groupie cousin but Joey denied it and then some guy called joking about ‘Fat-One’ and Joey says that he was always made fun of as a kid because of his name. Joey ended the interview saying that he was the ‘most hung’ of the group because “I’m Italian.”

I assume this interview is making its way onto file swappers like Morpheus so be on the lookout there for audio, as well as Howard’s E! TV show.

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