Joey Fatone On TRL Monday

Joey Fatone of *NSYNC was the mystery guest on Monday’s edition of MTV Total Request Live. Joey talked about the success of ‘My
Big Fat Greek Wedding’, his ‘Rent’ Broadway gig, Lance Bass and his space trip status, Justin Timberlake’s solo plans, JC working with BT, and more. Read on for a rough transcript.

Quddus: This is from shawna in sheryl and she thinks the mystery guest
is joey fatone from ‘n sync. Am i right? You are. Come on, joey.

[ Cheers and applause ]

Quddus: Check this out! Joey fatone is in the bidding.

Joey Fatone: We fooled everyone.

Quddus: Ladies, calm down. I can’t even hear the man speak. They go
crazy for you every time.

Joey Fatone: What?

Quddus: They go crazy for you every time.

Joey Fatone: I sometimes can’t hear you. It’s great.

Quddus: How are you feeling?

Joey Fatone: I’m feeling good.

Quddus: We’ll talk in a minute. But first, did you ever think that “my
big fat greek wedding” would become the biggest hit of the sum earl. 96

Joey Fatone: It’s funny to safe I’ve been in two first seven minutes
and one of them have reached almost 100 million, which is kind of cool
for the first film i ever did. It’s great. It’s such a great feeling and
the cast is wonderful and anya vardose who wrote the script and actually,
you know, starred in the film, she’s just wonderful.

Quddus: And it only took 5 million to make.

Joey Fatone: Pretty much.

Quddus: So you are collecting a lot of dough.

Joey Fatone: She’s laughing at the bank right now.

Quddus: All you guys in ‘n sync have bee touring for over six years
nonstop. And you sold over 26 million albums. Don’t tell me Lance doesn’t
have enough to go up in space.

[ Laughter ]

Joey Fatone: Who knows. Hey, weot to split that money five ways, though,
it’s not just a solo artist. So this tour and everything else.

Quddus: What’s the deal? I hear he’s going, he’s not?

Joey Fatone: I’m hearing the same thing. He called me and i he left
a message. He was Moscow, just hangin’ out. He said i I’m here give me
a call. I think today is supposed to find out whether he’s not going. I
have no clue. And that’s why I’ve been trying to call him going, what’s
going on?

Quddus: You’ve been on Broadway for a month now. How is that going?

Joey Fatone: It’s going great.

Quddus: I checked you out last week and you’re really good in it.

Joey Fatone: Thank you.

Quddus: It’s my first time going to any Broadway show.

Joey Fatone: You got to come out and see the shows. There’s a lot of
great shows out there.” Hairspray” just opened up.

Quddus: I’m surprised you’re lugging that. That’s your competition.

Joey Fatone: That’s all right. Marissa is actually doing broadway on
broadway with me, we’re hosting it out in times square this sunday. So
come check that out. It’s a free concert.

Quddus: Fool, man.

[ Cheers and applause ]

Quddus: Before you leave, i want to clear this up. You were spotted
wearing this t-shirt at an ‘n sync challenge for the children basketball
game. And it says…

[Shows the Joey t-shirt egging Britney Spears is priceless]

[ Cheers and applause ]

Quddus: Are you sticking up for justin there?

Joey Fatone: Honestly, I’ve had that shirt for a long time and i wore
it, and people said, are you sticking up for justin. What a good guy. No,
I’m not trying to diss her. Have all these wacky t-shirts.

Quddus: No brief for britney.

Joey Fatone: No, she’s cool.

Quddus: we’ll talk with more –ore wh joey right the no. 5 video. Here
it is for you, kylie minogue, “love at first sight”.

[ Cheers and applause ]

Quddus: No. 5, kylie minogue, “love at first sight”. Here with brian
his biggest buzz, joey fatone hanging out here.

Joey Fatone: Yes, i am.

Quddus: And there’s a girl over here who has been going nuts. Big fan
of broadway. She’s got a pretty thing on her shirt. Come on up. Give her
a round of applause.

[ Cheers and applause ]

Quddus: What’s your name, hon?

Fan: Jenina.

Joey Fatone: Thank you so much, sweetie. He was telling me earlier that
you were going — you were prettyh going crazy so I’m going to give you
two tickets to go see “rent.”

[ Screaming ]

Joey Fatone: Go check it out and everything. My please. No problem.

Fan: Oh god, than you so much.

Quddus: You just made her day.

Joey Fatone: So thank you. No problems. Thank you. You’re welcome, sweetie.
Stay right here with me.

Quddus: I want to talk about one last thing. Justin is working on his
solo project right now. We’re expecting it no november. What’s the deal?
Be real with us, now?

Joey Fatone: We’re taking some time. Like i said, who knows what’s going
to happen with this album. If stuff starts go up, had may be touring. I’m
not sure how big he might do. Theaters or small klux. About the right now
we’re going to start writing supposedly in march, febary or march. We did
get back together. We didn’t break up.

Quddus: America just breathed a sigh of relief.

Joey Fatone: We’re still gonna be here. Obviously people probably like,
well, where have they been? Obviously lance, his head’s in the space somewhere
and I’m here in new york.

Quddus: And what’s jc up to?

Joey Fatone: He’s been writing and doing stuff with BT, so he’s been
doing some underground stuff, so that’s cool. Chris has the clothing line.

Quddus: He hosted a pageant.

Joey Fatone: Something for the mtv awards. He was one of the anchors
interviewing people on the red carpet.

Quddus: Yes, for cbs. Very cool. We’re glad you could come through and
share with us.

Joey Fatone: Thank you.

Quddus: Always a pleasure.

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