Joey Fatone To Chat With Paying *NSYNC Fanclub Members

On Monday, September 15 Joey Fatone of *NSYNC will be online for a live chat at 8 PM Eastern Time on The chat is private and for NSIDERS only, which the band’s fan club ($29.95 a year).

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7 thoughts on “Joey Fatone To Chat With Paying *NSYNC Fanclub Members

  1. bluerose88 says:

    Shoot! You have to be a member! But it’s nice.

  2. FaustoAguilera says:

    Funny that he would only talk to fans unless they were paying him something. God he really is getting desperate for money now that Nsync is over. Hey whatever happened to that comedy album that was coming out….oh yeah the record execs said he was lying about it all along. How sad that he had to make up that he was making a CD because he wanted to be like Justin.

  3. SelenaY143 says:

    *laughs hysterically* Joey *laughing* Fatone…*laughing* Fanclub?!?!?! ok seriously…someone call 911 quick!

  4. justanotherbtch says:

    oh that’s fun.. I’m gonna join later though when they put out an album and everything.

  5. BILLIJO says:


  6. James Wilson says:

    They could have been famous forever if the breakup hadn’t happened and they would have been bigger than Michael Jackson today. I find myself still going back and listening to there albums. Why!!!Strange things happen everyday…..

  7. kimberly says:

    hi I am your biggest fan I hope you get my letter so please write me back.

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