John Edward Speaks With Backstreet Boys Career

Psychic John Edward was on Last Call with Carson Daly and was briefly asked about his work with the Backstreet Boys, though it was mainly used as a joke for Carson to criticize the fall in the boy band’s popularity. Read on for a transcript.

Carson: Right. And you talked with — the did a
reading, right?

John: They did.

Carson: Did you speak with the Backstreet Boys’ career? Because it’s
certainly on the other side.


John: They were great guys.

Carson: Did you talk to the career? How’s the career doing?

John: No, they were great guys. I enjoyed working with them.

Carson: Was their career hanging out with the guys’ career
on the other side? [Light laughter] Playing ping pong or something?

John: Cold.

Carson: No? Oh, come on.

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11 thoughts on “John Edward Speaks With Backstreet Boys Career

  1. popdirt-rocks says:

    hum..let me see… I don’t really understand where all this lead them but anyway I don’t think the BSB are only ‘great guys’, I think 3 of them are very talented too… anyway, don’t use the past tense like in ‘they were’ because they still are… ! ktbpa Sophie

  2. Brentwood_Babe says:

    Carson is an a$$hole, but everyone knows that. Oh, and it’s John Edward, singular. He uses his middle name as a last name in his profession. What John should have said was something about Carson’s career being on the other side, but John has too much class to go there.

  3. elgato says:

    BSB haven’t put out an album in three years. Carson is on TV everyday, has his own show, and gets invited to all the awards shows. YET BSB ARE STILL 100X MORE POPULAR THAN HE’LL EVER BE.

  4. SunChick says:

    Carson is an a-hole, but he’s currently way more popular than BSB. And while his popularity will also fall, BSB’s will never come back. They’re old, ugly has-beens. Deal.

  5. nick_carters_girl says:

    SunChick’s just bitter since Joey said there wont be another NSYNC album for a while..and that Justin’s gonna release his second album..

  6. popnicklover says:

    You know, I used to like and respect Carson, but now he’s just acting like an as$hole! He was just being bitter cause if the BSB ever did a talk show, they’d end up getting more viewers than he does! Which basically means that no matter what Carson does, BSB can do it MUCH better…

  7. elgato says:

    Carson isn’t popular, retard. TRL’s ratings are lower than ever and that’s without him even being on it. Nobody watches his show either. BSB are putting out 4 solo albums and then the group album. Nsync is simply over and there will never be another record. Thank GOD! Deal with that

  8. Stallion says:

    I agree with Carson Daly the Backstreet Boys are over. BSB fans are just bitter because the BSB are over and N’sync is alive and well and will release an album next year. I think it is all time for us to face fact and that is the Backstreet Boys are over. They been over.

    I’m just happy that the fakestreet boys I mean the Backstreet Boys are over. Nobody RESPECT them at all they were just a joke. A clone of NKOTB the reason you fans are bitter is because you just found that out recently. Look like BSB won’t be releasing a chapter 2 album. Can’t wait for the next N’sync album coming out next year

  9. just-me says:

    You guys are so pathetic, it’s sad really. Why can’t the immature Nsync fans keep away from BSB threads, and the immature BSB fans do the same to the NSYNC threads? It’s funny how you guys can waste so much time arguing over something so little. So the BSB and NSync don’t have plans of releasing an album soon, GET OVER IT! I’m a BSB fan and must say that all this childness bothers me. I’m a BSb fan that likes Nsync *gasp* SUE ME! These haters keep saying that don’t give a f**k about the other group, but if they didn’t they wouldn’t bother writing how NSYNC is better than backstreet, or how BSB sold more records in threads that have nothing to do with it. Kids, grow up! Get a job! Now, going back on topic. I never liked Carson, he tried to be the funny guy and got a respect lesson in return. Good for him.

  10. As_you_wish says:

    Wow, Carson, that was really low. these are people you have referred to as your “little brothers”. who watches Last Call anyways? he rarely appears on TRL anymore, seems like he’s on HIS way to the career twilight zone!!!! BSB is coming back, just you wait!

  11. SelenaY143 says:

    I thought he was cool I THOUGHT erm that was like 4 years ago but now he is the word that people most consider him — a-hole. I think he just doesn’t want to see what’s to come. BSB are a lot better and Carson is doing this so people will see later on what a big mistake he’s making. haha and he’s not even that cute I don’t think.

    lmao. Guys just ignore Stallion because she/he has no place to live and is sleeping next to his computer. the gay freak has nothing better to do than dream about gay porn and Carson Daly. He/she is very confused. Anyways.. you guys are right. Carson is an a$$. All is said that is right.

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