John Mayer Advises Guys To Carry ‘Variety Of Tampons’

is dispensing love advice in the new issue of Spin magazine. Asked by one reader how to get a female classmate to take their friendship to the next level, Mayer advises, “Try getting her in trouble so that you both get held after class and you have an excuse to talk to her. Or, every time you see her, ask to borrow a pen. When you have all her pens, she’ll have to start asking you for hers, which is when you say, ‘Well, I’m afraid I left them all at home. You’ll have to stop by and pick them up.’ Finally, have a variety of tampons on hand because it makes you look incredibly thoughtful. Accidentally let one fall out of your backpack. That’s when you say, ‘Well, you never know when someone is going to need one.'”

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4 thoughts on “John Mayer Advises Guys To Carry ‘Variety Of Tampons’

  1. Lanaflan says:

    If the pen thing is true, then guys at my high school only got half the story cause by the end of every year I had almost no pens and not enough dates.

  2. Brentwood_Babe says:

    OMG, if a guy dropped a tampon out of his backpack in front of me, I’d think he had SERIOUS issues, not that he’s a nice guy. A nice guy has school supplies to share, maybe candy to share, not tampons!

  3. MyKE says:

    Why would a girl date someone who got them in trouble at school/is a snitch? Or a guy who carries tampons in his school backpack? Or one of those annoying pests who constantly asks to borrow a pen/pencil? I let them have a pencil/pen one or so, but afterward, they should try asking someone else…or….BUY YOUR GOD DAMN PEN!

  4. Samantha says:

    Really?! Guys don’t listen to that!
    1. If a guy got me into trouble just to spend time with me I’d be pissed as all hell, I have better things to do that sit in detention with that loser.
    2. If you keep asking me for my pens and not giving them back I’m just going to think of you as that mooch in my fifth period that never gives me my stuff back and will eventually tell you to burn in hell with all my lost pens before moving to the other side of the room.
    3. If a tampon falls out of your backpack, I won’t even ask…. I’ll just spread the rumor that you’re pre-op. And if you tell me anyways, that it’s just in case someone needs one, I’m going to ask when in hell was the last time a girl went up to a high school boy and asked him for a tampon, the only time that happens is when she is too afraid to use her friends because her ad all her similarly trashy friends have varying forms of STDS. I will just think, wow, this DB actually spent time thinking, what can’t girls live without and how can I use that weakness against them?

    HIs music is ridiculously passionate and romantic, but he is the epitome of insensitive egotistical male a**hole.

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