John Mayer: Celebrities Are Their Own Biggest Stalkers

spoke with the, a Mayer discussion board, where the singer songwriter discussed how he and other celebrities are addicted to reading about themselves on the internet.

“Celebrities read everything,” Mayer claimed. “They are their own biggest stalkers; they know every single gossip site, and every single post as it goes up. They act like they don’t-but they all do. Celebrities, by that estimation… do terrible research because all they ever do is read that without anything else to give them perspective. They’re such bad researchers and their science is such sh** that they sit in front of a computer for one hour every morning and read one control group. If it were a scientific experiment, it would be the equivalent of only researching what this pill does to pregnant women. There are people walking around all day having only informed themselves by reading blogs that begin with, ‘Bitch probably’. If you’re reading a blog that says, ‘Bitch probably uses a rake as a comb’, you’re probably on that blog. There’s so much other information out there to be had. Read some fan mail; read about the people who said they were sick for half of last year and your music got them through it. We are terrible at not reading all the data, so that’s how I feel.”


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