John Mayer Dedicates Houston Concert To Micayla Patterson

dedicated his show in Houston, last night to Micayla Patterson hours after learning the news the 17-year-old had died when the truck she was riding in was hit near downtown Tulsa after attending Mayer’s concert.

“What I didn’t really expect or see coming as smart as I thought I was was what it was like to leave your show and pass away on the way home,” Mayer told the audience. “I just never saw that coming. I didn’t see what it was going to feel like to learn the news somebody left my concert and went home and on the way back home from the concert they had passed away. That’s news for me you know, and whatever that butterfly effect is and how I start thinking about that, you know that’s my show, so forgive me, I just didn’t see that coming. I never really thought that was gonna happen and so tonight we dedicate this show to a girl that was 17 named Micayla in Tulsa, Oklahoma who went home. All she did was go to a show and go home, so I feel really bad. I just feel bad. I guess what I want to say is just be safe and be happy and go be awesome.” Watch the dedication and performance of ‘Edge of Desire’ via YouTube below.

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7 thoughts on “John Mayer Dedicates Houston Concert To Micayla Patterson

  1. April says:

    My 16 year old son and I were there on the 3rd row. It moved me because John was so heartfelt and that my son was the age of that child. Wow, John…….you are a true inspiration!

  2. Catherine Rickey says:

    My daughter played basketball with Micayla. She was an amazing young woman and the world is dimmer without her in it.

  3. GA says:

    Very touching for John Mayer to take the time to say such kind words about a girl that was loved by so many.

  4. Bay says:

    I knew Micayla when I was little. I loved her. She lived on my street and was best friends with my older sister. I remember everytime I would go to her house, her mom would tell me how pretty I am and that she loved me. I think back on all the old memories.. and I just want to cry. RIP Micayla.
    She would be SO happy to know that John Mayer dedicated his concert to her.
    I hope she knows how special she was :)

  5. HK says:

    It was really sweet that John would say that. I could tell it was very precious and heartfelt. Micayla was an amazing girl. She changed everyone around her for her love of Jesus Christ. Love you Micayla.

  6. Aaron says:

    I knew Micayla through high school…always an inspiration with her love for God…i know she’s looking down on us…and John, my friend, if you read this, you’re an amazing musician but even more amazing person…thank you

  7. Ashley says:

    This wonder, this genius, this beautiful person caught me off guard again as he normally did. He makes my life brighter and I’m sure he made hers brighter as well. We love you John

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