John Mayer Explains His Role In Creating The Obama Cake

‘Extra’ correspondent Carlos Diaz caught up with at Wednesday night’s Grammy Nomination concert, asking the singer songwriter about playing with BB King at the event, and what’s behind his cake baking obsession, which girlfriend Jennifer Aniston seemed to take complete credit for during an appearance on ‘The Oprah Winfrey Show’. “Jen and I made that cake together,” Mayer said in reference to the Barack Obama election night cake he created. “She didn’t really give me any credit for that cake. I was the architect on that cake. I put a lot of my time in designing that cake. I was a good man… I shared the process. From mixing to frosting… [She] took all the credit.”

Asked how he’s been dealing with feeling robbed by the ‘Friends’ star taking credit, Mayer said, “There’s some trouble but we’re getting over it. We’re having therapy everyday in Brentwood, and we’re figuring this out because that was my time to shine on Oprah.” Watch the interview at

Gives Autograph Resellers A Break

December 1, 2008 – TMZ caught up with in New York City, where the singer songwriter was seen signing autographs for resellers. Mayer said he usually signs his name through the reseller’s name so they can’t sell it for as much money, but due to the bad economy, he’s no longer doing that and encouraging them to make money off his signature.

John also was asked about whether he had TMZ to thank for his rumored variety show deal with CBS. He responded, “No. I think every celebrity owes a debt of gratitude to TMZ.”

Watch video via MySpace below.

John Meyer Vs. John Mayer

December 1, 2008 – Time Off magazine spoke with Australian singer songwriter John Meyer about the confusion that emerges due to his name being strikingly similar to another singer songwriter named John. “I’m kind of waiting for that letter from his lawyer,” he laughed. “I never really intended to be a solo act; my focus was always on a band. But the frustrations with band line-ups and stuff made me want to do something where I had a bit more control. But I get the John Mayer thing a lot – we were in Sydney and apparently there were a couple of German backpackers there at the venue earlier in the night waiting for John Mayer. The guy who was running the gig was like ‘You wouldn’t have got in for free and it wouldn’t have been this empty!’.”

The story at has since been removed.

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