John Mayer Explains Three Section Tour Bus

Blender magazine caught up with and asked the singer if he had any tour bus rules while out on the road. “Yeah, the bus is usually set up into three segments,” he explained. “The front lounge, the bunk area and the back lounge. The front lounge is public domain. That’s where you can have some radio station guy’s sweaty ass on your couch. but the last two sections are completely off-limits. You need somewhere you can wear the pajamas with the monkeys on them.”

MTV’s Damien Cuts In On John Mayer’s Turf

May 25, 2003 – The New York Post reports John Mayer was spotted leaving the Saturday night party at Flow for his suite at the Paramount Hotel with a pretty brunette named Logan. The girl was later spotted the following week with TRL VJ Damien Fahey.

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