John Mayer Gives Mario Lavandeira A Twitter Smackdown

John Mayer is taking on Mario Lavandeira after the gossip blogger pressed charges against’s manager following Sunday night’s Much Music Video Awards in Toronto. Lavandeira had baited the Black Eyed Peas star by insulting Fergie earlier in the evening and getting in his face and loudly calling him a “fu**ing fa**ot”, possibly breaking Canadian law against homophobic hate speech (Sec.319 of Canadian criminal code). With a slight below his eye, Perez twittered to his followers to flood the Toronto police department with emergency calls in a shameless bid for publicity and wasting valuable police resources in the process, and the singer songwriter called him out on it. Mayer writes on his Twitter (@johncmayer):

I love that @perezhilton uses his cellphone to log on to twitter to post a tweet to ask his followers to call the police for him.

Can somebody please call Amex and get me a replacement card?

Last year P!nk kneed me in the nuts outside Chateau Marmont. I was pissing blood for days. Did I make a scene?

@perezhilton’s video statement is so long that by the end of it his cut healed.

@PerezHilton Not true. In fact I’d like to train you in Krav Maga. Then you’ll have the situational awareness not to get in someone’s face.

@perezhilton I also want to train you in an old martial art called “Never Call A Black Dude a Faggot Jitsu.”

@PerezHilton agreed. So let’s meet up this week and I’ll give you your first krav maga instruction. We’ll break the event down and learn…

@PerezHilton 1. de-escalation tactics. 2.Creating distance. Instuctives (“get back!” placing the hand out) 3. Combined block and attack….

@PerezHilton by understanding the genetics of a violent incident you can learn to avoid them. And if you can’t, you will learn to end them.

@PerezHilton this will be the last public mention of it. You know how to find me. Words have cause and effect, even if the effect is wrong.

@perezhilton from the heart, what you experienced these last 24 hrs is a profound lack of control. You can’t blog the world, my friend.

@perezhilton people don’t want to see you hurt, they want to see you experience something equalizing.

John Mayer: I Don’t Have A Great (Dating) Track Record

June 17, 2009 – John Mayer reacted to a poll that said a majority of visitors wouldn’t want to date the singer songwriter linked temporarily to a string of female stars. Mayer writes on his Twitter (@johncmayer):

70% of readers said they would not date me. By the numbers: 13m site viewers-86% female= 11.1m-70% ‘no’ = 3.33m who WOULD!!

To my 3.33m foxy little ladies: requests for sweet, sweet love making will be answered in the order they were received.

Yes, outcalls only, 2 hour minimum. I conduct my affairs in a clean and hygenic fashion. RT @leaf606 Are you willing to travel?

Look, I don’t have a great track record. But real talk: NOBODY has a great track record until they win the race.

As I understand it, love, support, stability, consistency and slight boredom. RT @ThirdGirl What constitutes “winning the race,” exactly?

John Mayer Inspired After Hotel Cafe Show

June 16, 2009 – John Mayer was photographed leaving Hotel Cafe after performing a $5 gig at the Hollywood venue on Sunday night (June 14). Mayer signed autographs and posed for pictures with fans. Mayer wrote on his Twitter (@johncmayer) afterwards:

Thanks to everyone who came out to the show tonight. Came home and kept working. Very inspiring.

I’m still a few key songs short of an album. I hate and love this part of the process. Have to remind myself the ball is still in play.

Note: The image provided by Bauer Griffin has since been removed.

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