John Mayer ‘Half Of My Heart’ A Work In Progress

is in day two of working on a song titled ‘Half of My Heart’. The singer songwriter said, “SO EARLY in the process, but I thought I’d share… in the spirit of transparency.” Mayer said next up is to play some guitar over it and build it out.

“So I’m working on a song called ‘Half Of My Heart’ and I will share with you, what I’m working on is the end of the tune, just sort of melodically stating the chorus over and over again,” Mayer explained. Even though it’s not the chorus, it’s just sort of stabbing at the title and I can play guitar on it and I can harmonize and I can stack and stack and stack. Get a feel for the song and then from there I can sort of engineer the verses and bridge and stuff based on the DNA of what I come up with at the end of the tune.”

Watch the video below.

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One thought on “John Mayer ‘Half Of My Heart’ A Work In Progress

  1. mayerwatcher says:

    i’m gonna be curious how John Mayer delivers with music now that he’s become this pop culture figure, it sort of runs contrary to the genre

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