John Mayer Hooks Up With Jennifer Love Hewitt

The New York Post reports Jennifer Love Hewitt’s boyfriend of the moment is John Mayer. Jennifer has been hanging out lately at Mayer’s Los Angeles rehearsal studio and sent him a balloon and cake arrangement to congratulate him on his recent sales spike, so say spies.

Credits His Honest Music For Connecting With Crowds

May 30, 2002 – tells he believes he’s connecting with a large audience because his music is honest. Mayer said, “Hopefully, when you see me on stage playing, you believe it. I mean, that’s really the true litmus test of whether somebody is liked as a musician, as a performer, is ‘Do I believe them?’ Well, why do I like Aaron Lewis from Staind? Well, because I believe him, because I believe that that’s the kind of guy who used to, like, scratch his girlfriend’s initials into his arms with a pen when he was in high school. I believe that. And so, hopefully, when people hear me singing, they believe that I’m the person who’s creating that.”

Clip From Jennifer Love Hewitt’s New Album On Rosie

May 11, 2002 – was on the Rosie O’Donnell show on Friday. They played a brief cut from her new album, which is due out in September. They showed a cool clip of ‘Tuxedo’. She cried a little at the end saying “good-bye” to Rosie and she bought Rosie a trip to Hawaii as a going away present.

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One thought on “John Mayer Hooks Up With Jennifer Love Hewitt

  1. stoney says:

    This is true. I went to a concert of his in Dayton, OH and Jennifer was spotted coming out of his bus.

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