John Mayer & Jennifer Aniston’s Latest Breakup Mutual

‘Showbiz Tonight’ co-host Brooke Anderson discussed the relationship drama between Jennifer Aniston and with People magazine’s David Caplan.

“Well, the split we’re now hearing is mutual,” Kaplan said. “Sources tell People actually, neither of them were particularly happy in this relationship. They ended it very recently when Jennifer returned from Europe where she was promoting ‘Marley and Me’. John, meanwhile, had stayed back in L.A. recording songs for an upcoming album. When they came back, they decided to split. Jen, you know, she was getting the companionship and she liked hanging out with John. But he was not ultimately the ideal guy that she wanted. John, on the other hand, he wasn’t really that much into this serious relationship with Jennifer. Because at the same time, he is a bit of a serial dater, a source tells People.”

Video of the segment, aired Wednesday (March 18), has since been removed at

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One thought on “John Mayer & Jennifer Aniston’s Latest Breakup Mutual

  1. Ann says:

    I think this just shows how shallow some people can be. I agree that Jennifer Aniston probably hooked up with Jon is an insecure attempt to make Brad jealous. Brad is so over Jen and so much happier now in his life, I really wish Jen would learn to move on herself. It seems odd that the couple that we saw 2 weeks ago at the awards, where she was so uncomfortable standing if front of Brad and his soul mate, Angelina, suddenly has a quick ‘mutual breakup.” Seems Jen and John were probably not as lovey dovey as Jen would have liked the public, and more so, Brad Pitt to believe. It is so sad – Jen really needs to grow up.

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