John Mayer Talks ‘Cribs’, Tools & Radio Shows On Last Call

performed on Last Call with Carson Daly on Friday and briefly spoke to Carson as well. John says he just bought a place in New York and talked about buying furniture, being short on silverware, and more. He also talked about getting along with singers in other genres especially when he’s doing the holiday radio tour circuit. And once again he complimented star Justin Timberlake. Read on for a transcript.

Carson: We’re here with John Mayer. We were just talking. John has entered our domain. Welcome to New York City. He lives here now.

John: I live here now.

[ Cheers and applause ] Thank you.

Carson: How is the move going? Are you all moved in?

John: Well, I think the fun part is kind of moving yourself in. I get addicted now. I used to be sound checks and catering, and now I get kind of addicted to everyday. Maybe today’s the day my couch will come. I didn’t know anything about a couch. Don’t know — to ear like, sectionals?

Carson: Love seats, couches, they’re all different.

John: Then you can create — I heard that you can create a conversation pit.

[ Laughter ] Make a little pit. But I get so hyped up. I’m wanting to set stuff up, but you don’t have anything when you first move in. I’m still on take out zone, so I didn’t have a — I bought yogurt, but I didn’t have spoons, but I had forks. So I realized you can use a fork for a spoon if you use it rapidly.

[ Laughter ]

Carson: Right, and yogurt just might be that perfect consistency to where you can get away with it, you know?

John: You just work fast.

Carson: All you really need — well, maybe we should bring back the spork for you.

John: And then I can’t even find tools that make up for not having other tools like a butter knife for a screwdriver. I don’t have any butter knives. Hammer nails with the butt end of a drill.

Carson: Well, it’s the holiday season. Someone can maybe give you some stuff.

John: I’m loving it. I’m loving it.

John: Carson won’t do “MTV Cribs,” by the way

John: I will not.

Carson: Don’t expose the one personal part of your life.

John: You know what? You could probably tell me this more. Are those cribs really their cribs? I think they rent.

[ Laughter ]

Carson: For the day.

John: They have to rent.

Carson: The best was Seann William Scott, the actor, you know, from “American Pie.” They showed his crib. It was a regular apartment in orange county. There was like a hole in the wall. “This is when I got drunk and pissed off.”

[ Talking over each other ]

John: I live in a nice place. I look around, and I go, “wow.” And I’m in one of those places where I’m real excited, like, “I’m gonna go downstairs now.”

Carson: Right, right. Well, good for you. Welcome to New York.

John: Thank you, man. That may have been an unwilling — I don’t know if you meant to shake the hand.

[ Laughter ]

Carson: Always good to shake your hand.

[ Cheers and applause ] A person like yourself and the music that you make, and the way in rad, this is the time of the year they have these radio acoustic Christmas shows, multiple acts are there. A good chance for you, I don’t know, to get a chance to see somebody that you like that’s in the business.

John: It’s great. I just did a radio show a couple of weeks ago, and Def Leppard was there. And you go, like, oh, my god, think of how many yellow highlighters I’ve killed on my binder filling in Def Leppard, learning how to draw the album cover. It’s amazing. You know what? A lot of times, people want to make you believe that music is a segregated thing, but we’re all peers. I wish it was like the ’60s and David Crosby, hanging out with the birds, and hanging out with Jefferson Airplane. For me, it’s like I know Justin Timberlake. I think he’s great. I got to meet Jewel. I think Jewel’s great. I got to meet people you wouldn’t think are really good friends with each other. It’s an okay time to make music, and it’s an okay time to say hello to people.

Carson: I think the media also makes a big deal about that ’cause I’ve seen all of ’em. Britney and Christina in the same room.

John: Sweethearts.

Carson: They’re not even like — they’re cordial to one another, and people just think they’re pissed off. I think we just want them to fight naked in their underwear.

John: Exactly.

[ Laughter ]

Carson: Or at least that’s me. I don’t even care how they feel about each other.

John: You know what? There’s a certain sense of if you’re lucky enough to be here, why would you want to be a [ Bleep ]?

Carson: I agree.

John: You know what I mean?

Carson: You’d be amazed at how many rock stars have stood there and don’t share that sentiment, unfortunately.

John: And I’ve met a few people who kind of do this thing. But they’re putting it on. It actually takes more — you’re more tired when you go to bed.

Carson: You’re so famous now. You’re so huge that you forgot to learn how to speak English. Decrepit and muttering.

[ Laughter ]

John: You know what I found out? The people that I meet who are the most fulfilled by what they do are the happiest and don’t kind of go to other places. I’ been g the same shirt for five or six days now.

[ Cheers and applause ] Nd playing a little bit more for us?

John: Sure, I’d like to

Carson: What do you think? “Body,” right?

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