John Mayer Stalking Kanye West?

The New York Post reports that left up to 10 messages a day on what he thought was Kanye West’s cellphone, trying to talk the rapper into working with him. Unfortunately, Mayer was phoning West’s former number, which now belongs to a publicist on the West Coast. Mayer’s desperation led him to create a rap for West about how great Kanye is and how much Mayer wanted to work with him. “It was hilariously bad,” said a source. “The two are friends and collaborators who, yes, do leave messages for each other,” confirmed Mayer’s rep Ken Sunshine.

John Mayer’s New Album Due Early ’06

June 5, 2005 – plans to release a new studio album in early 2006, and he already has a name for it — ‘Continuum’. According to, Mayer plans to experiment with a new sound and even take some risks while doing it. He explained, “I’m ready to shake it all up. They are tunes that live on guitar. When it comes out, I may never win a Grammy again, I may never sell a million records again, but the world will get where I’m coming from.” Mayer added, “I’m not afraid to lose it all.”

Phones Into The Arvo

April 4, 2005 – John Mayer phoned in to The Arvo with Judith Lucy and Pete Helliar on B105 in Brisbane, Australia. He discussed his Grammy win, the people in the gossip magazines, how he got involved in gossip himself by being linked to Jessica Simpson and his dark side’s desire to lie and say that there was a romance, the story behind ‘Daughters’, the incident at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame during the U2 performance, his Esquire column, and more. The 2-part interview at has since been removed.

Song Of The Year Grammy Goes To John Mayer

February 14, 2005 – John Mayer was winner of Song of the Year at Sunday night’s Grammy Awards for his single ‘Daughter’. Upon accepting the honor, Mayer said, “Thank you. Thank you so much. I’m really proud to be a musician and I guess specifically tonight a songwriter and I want to thank… well, a bunch of people who told me this song was good for people to hear when I said it probably wasn’t. Charlie Walk, Columbia Records, Michelle Anthony, Greg Latterman still not the right choice for the single, but this is nice to have. I want to thank my family, mom, dad, Carl and Ben and dedicate this to my grandmother who had an awesome daughter, my mom. Thank you very much.”

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One thought on “John Mayer Stalking Kanye West?

  1. zunderwood says:

    I completely believe this story. When I put on a concert headlining Kanye in NYC, John Mayer attended and was sweating Kanye all night. I was getting stalker vibes from him.

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