John Mayer Wins Best Pop Vocal Grammy

won the best pop vocal performance for ‘Your Body is a Wonderland’ at the Grammy Awards on Sunday. He told the audience, “Thank you. Thank you very much. I want to thank Michael McDonald, Michael Solomon, Bloomberg, everybody at Columbia Records, Will Blackwin, a bunch of people that are great people but I just want to say, I just want to say that I pride myself on always being bigger than the moment and smarter than the moment, and I’m just a 16-year-old kid in this moment is kicking my ass, and I want to thank Green Hunter and it’s hard to thank people. But I’m always thinking about being palatable to the people at home. I just want to say this is very very fast and I promise to catch up. Thank you very much.”

Grammys Are A More Fashion Edgy Awards Show

February 20, 2003 – Stylist Rachel Zoe Rosenzweig tells the New York Post that if the Oscars are about looking classy, the Grammys are all about looking trashy – or at the least, offbeat. “Typical awards-show rules don’t apply at Grammys,” she says. “They’re much more edgy than any of the others Musicians tend to interpret fashion in their own way.” One person not too worried about being edgy is John Mayer. His publicist says, “He’s not big into [fashion].”

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February 18, 2003 – Contributed by PaulNick19:

In an interview with Blender Magazine, John Mayer was asked the following question:

Blender: You’ve just come offstage after a sold-out show, and you’re feeling manly and virile. Which rock goddess would you most like to find backstage wearing nothing but a smile?

John Mayer: There’s something about Mariah Carey–she’s superhot and people don’t realize how much influence she’s had. But I don’t watch TV and think “I want to be with them.” I’d rather beat off in the shower to my schoolteacher from the second grade or whatever. It’s just so much more possible.

John Mayer’s New Love Prospects

February 15, 2003 – Us Weekly chatted with John Mayer and asked the singer if he had any new love prospects after dating Jennifer Love Hewitt. “I don’t expect someone who can’t be with me every day to go to sleep happy that I’m loving her,” he says. “Because after a show, girls want to hang out. I’m trying to figure it out so one day, I look at someone and go, ‘Holy sh**, that’s home!'”

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