John Mayer’s Guitar Passion

revealed his passion for guitars in an interview with The New York Daily News. “There were times when I was so turned on by everything onstage that I just dropped my guitar … just to hear it scream,” Mayer explained. “I always feel bad about that, because I pick my guitar up and there are pieces of stage in it. And that’s when I say to my guitar, ‘That wasn’t me honey. I don’t know that man. I promise he’s not going to come back.'”

John Mayer Working On New Album

John Mayer, who recently performed a free concert at New York’s Bryant Park, is currently working on a new album. He said performing free for fans, makes it a perfect venue for him to experiment with his music. “Because of that low expectation, I don’t feel I really owe so much, you know, which is good for me, because I learned from those times that I played, because I take more chances that I would have normally,” he told Reuters. “And then when I land on all four feet, I go ‘Oh, I should do that more often,’ even at the shows that people have to pay money to see.”

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4 thoughts on “John Mayer’s Guitar Passion

  1. WaneInTheZone says:

    He talks and sings with a lisp and he always has this glazed over, Down syndrome William Hung look. Plus he’s saying a bonehead thing like this, Yeah he’s a retard.

  2. BadAss4Backstreet says:

    At least he SINGS… which is more than I can say for SOME people. I’m sorry, but I’d rather hear a “lisp” than hear moaning and groaning and breathing heavily to a beat…. HOWEVER, he doesn’t talk OR sing with a lisp, and he doesn’t look all down syndrome like….he’s just not interested in being a CELEBRITY! HE is actually in it for the love of music and performing!

  3. nanda_to says:

    ^You have no room to talk about singing abilities. every BSB member makes Britney Spears sound like Aretha. BSB can’t sing and you know it. they’re nothing but a bunch of 36 years old c listers

  4. BadAss4Backstreet says:

    Oh dear lord….You need some serious help, and FAST!!! I have EVERY room to talk about singing abilities….Music Education with Vocal Performance Emphasis!

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