Johnny Rotten Blasts ‘Unbearable’ Avril Lavigne & Kelly Osbourne

The Long Island Press spoke with Sex Pistols legend Johnny Rotten and asked him what his definition of punk was, “Individual. Do-it-yourself. Independent. Free from corporate. (pause) I think that that definitely sums me up.”

Asked if there were any bands now that fit the bill, Rotten used the opportunity to lash out at and . “Anyone who’s parading under a hundred-thousand-dollar-plus video is not free from corporate,” Rotten sniffed. “That’s just the MTV advertising agency. I find them all to be just a bit of a sham. I mean I don’t mind, I don’t care, that’s for some people who are into that. But don’t be telling me what my life is. Because in the likes of Kelly Osbourne and this silly Lavigne thing, yapping on about what punk is or isn’t—it’s just unbearable. At their age, if they’re calling me old, then I want to know why they haven’t done nothing of their own. Nothing. It’s all borrowed from my life. Therefore, they have no word of any value in it.”

Later in the interview, he took one last shot at Ozzy’s daughter. “You need to see the rich kids, how they get it wrong: Kelly Osbourne, Kelly Osbourne, Kelly Osbourne. (laughing) Poor girl! Her big rebel statement is ‘I’m a punk!’ (loud laughter) Well sorry missus, but you’re not. You’re fat, that’s all. (laughing) You’re a fatty. She’s a tub o’ lard. (laughing) Cheers.”

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4 thoughts on “Johnny Rotten Blasts ‘Unbearable’ Avril Lavigne & Kelly Osbourne

  1. rachel says:

    okay I don’t like Kelly Osbourne but that fat statement was just mean.

  2. ash6969 says:

    A jealous hater trying to pop into the spotlight by dissing on a real talent like Avril. Crawl back into a hole and overdose on heroin, loser.

  3. deadcolour says:

    LOL! Johnny Rotten rocks. He’s right. The Sex Pistols are the real punk, and Avril and Kelly are the ones who have been attempting to copy it whilst not really appreciating who they got it from. have no idea what you’re talking about. Johnny isn’t trying to steal spotlight at all, his band has the talent of making songs rock – not being pretty. He doesn’t need to be pretty and “punk” to be respected – he got there on his own, the hard way.

  4. mattychick says:

    due you rock he sach and h8ter I think that 1 he doesn’t get in the spotlight that he will be like ya I like her

    he is so just saying this to get attention and then her dosen get and then her will be a lover

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