Johnny Wright Discusses Backstreet Boys, *NSYNC Future

Johnny Wright, who manages several entertainers including the Backstreet Boys and Justin Timberlake, spoke about a few of his clients during a radio interview with Chet Buchanan on Las Vegas radio station 98.5 KLUC on Monday afternoon. Wright, who was in town to judge at a talent competition at the New York, New York Hotel/Casino, had this to say about the Backstreet Boys’ return to music: “They’re all working extremely hard and the result has been an incredible album,” Wright said. “If everything goes as planned, the first single will drop this fall and around that time, they’ll be touring in some intimate venues, to get the fans back in the groove. They realize they still have a solid, rabid fanbase, but it’s almost like a new beginning for them so they have to build their way up again. That’s what a long absence does to anyone’s career.”

He was asked about the controversy surrounding and , but refused to comment, saying, “I don’t talk about their personal or individual lives. And really, I don’t know anything.”

He also discussed Justin Timberlake and what the future holds for . “To be honest, we’re waiting for some important decisions to be made. Justin is in a position where he has a great solo career and if, indeed, he does go back to *NSYNC, it really has to be in his best interest. The same goes for the other guys. Joey has his own Broadway career, Lance is producing movies, Chris has his clothing line and other endeavors, JC is doing his music. I wish I could say something that was concrete, but you just can’t speak on these things until they’re worked out.”

When asked if there will be another *NSYNC album, he said, “I have no doubts that, in the future, there will be. The bond between these guys is air tight. But the timing must be perfect.”

Wright also said that while things are being decided on, the fans can look forward to seeing Justin on the big screen early next year, when ‘Edison’ is supposed to hit theaters. “Justin is going to surprise everyone — it’s huge, just huge for him and all the guys are excited about it,” said Wright.

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4 thoughts on “Johnny Wright Discusses Backstreet Boys, *NSYNC Future

  1. klabbeqb says:

    If the BSB are coming back it will be a waste of time and money. There’s no way they will got the popularity they had in the passed. The boy band era is so over. Lets all move on to new and better music. BSB are losers. Bue-bye

  2. SourPatchKid says:

    Ah, can’t wait for the new *NSYNC album, whenever that’s gonna be. Johnny’s right … the timing’s gotta be perfect. It’ll happen, just not right away. And although I’m getting extremely impatient, it’ll be well worth the wait.

  3. galleta says:

    I don’t trust Johnny the only reason he is representing BSB is that he knew with Justin’s big head that Nsync would not be making an album soon. I still think that Nsync is his baby and he’s gonna work harder for them than he would for BSB heck they fired his butt a long time ago he gotta be upset about that, its like they are going back to him with their tales between their legs.

  4. ty says:

    To the BSB haters screw y’all BSB still together bitches lol.

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