Johnny Wright Fills In On Justin Timberlake & *NSYNC Plans

A member of the JJB forum claims to have spoken with Johnny Wright on the red carpet of the MTV Video Music Awards last week. Vixx x writes, “I asked how come Justin arrived separately etc and how does the future look for *NSYNC. He said its cos they are all doing their own thing.” As for how the solo tour Justin Timberlake is planning and its effect on *NSYNC, she added, “He said ‘Justin’s gonna finish *NSYNC’s album, go out on his solo tour, then come back, then are gonna go on tour straight after’.”

Highlights From ‘The Greatest Party Of All Time’

August 31, 2002 – The New York Post has details of the after parties following the MTV Video Music Awards. The near rumble between Sean ‘P. Diddy’ Combs’ bouncers and the Ja Rule posse was the big story at his Cipriani bash, while star Justin Timberlake declined a dance-off with Usher at ‘The Greatest Party of All Time’, and had to beg to get into the party, not exactly dressed the part.

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4 thoughts on “Johnny Wright Fills In On Justin Timberlake & *NSYNC Plans

  1. elgato says:

    Funny. Justin decides to do a tour right after Nick announces he’s going on tour. Justin can do his little tour. God knows if anyone else in Nsync tried to do a tour it would be a joke. Justin can do his tour for his little Britney-hatin’ fans in the U.S., but we all know Nick’s tour is gonna be sold out. Justin will lip-sync for the U.S., and Nick will sing and play drums/guitars for the whole world.

    Notice how they said Justin’s gonna finish the album. The others don’t even have to show up because they have no talent. Justin has to do everything and he’s nice enough to let the others pick up a small paycheck.

    Forget the past. The next album from each group will say it all, who’s just here and who’s here to stay. Nsync fans like to live in the past because they know there’s no future for Nsync.

    Nick isn’t trying to establish himself as a solo artist. He’s just doing this for fun. Justin’s doing it to be on TV, and because of Nick. Nick is going back to BSB. Nsync is praying Justin comes back to the group because w/o him, they’re NOTHING. And you know it.

    Backstreet fans feed off of pride. Pride in knowing that we have 5 goodfellas who keep family first, fans second, music third, business a distant fourth. Nsync fans feed off of fear. Fear that Nsync is 1 halfbody and 4 nobodies who keep business first, family second, music third, and fans fourth. Nsync fans, it’s OK to cry.

  2. Dancer4Life says:

    First, the article was under gossip. So, we don’t even know if that girl really even talked to Johnny. Second, Justin was thinking about doing a tour regardless. I don’t think he decided to do one just because Nick is doing one. The fans always want to make some little rivalry between them. Its like they are two different people with two different sounds of music.

  3. pop_princess_sakura says:

    How do you know that Nick’s tour is going to be sold out. There are a lot of people including me think that Justin’s tour is going to be sold out because of the performance he did at the 2002 MTV Video Music Awards.

  4. Ghetto_chick03 says:

    I’m happy for all of them. NSYNC has been working non-stop for almost 8or 9 years. They all deserve what they have. I’m happy for them. I cant wait for Justin’s solo tour! I know he’s gonna snap off!

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