Johnny Wright Responds To Duarte Racism Claims

In response to Ibrahim Duarte’s allegations of racism, the group’s manager, Johnny Wright, said in a statement: “I’m saddened to hear that Ibrahim has chosen to take this path. It’s outrageous that race is being used. I am the manager of *NSYNC and I am African-American. *NSYNC’s director of worldwide security is African-American, the musical director of *NSYNC is African-American, in fact our entire security team is African-American. *NSYNC’s assistant production manager is Asian-American, and it goes on and on. Never in my 10 years of being with the group have I ever heard or received a complaint from anyone, including Ibrahim, associated with the group about racial or demeaning speech.”

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6 thoughts on “Johnny Wright Responds To Duarte Racism Claims

  1. jojob1987 says:

    This man just wants attention. I cannot believe that someone would say this, especially knowing how many black people Nsync have worked with and admire. He just wants money and publicity… I hope he gets nothing out of it!

  2. Lava33 says:

    Johnny is wright is so right! omg, Nsync is so not racist. The guy who accused them of being racist just wants money and publicity. IM GONNA MARRY JUSTIN! I LOVE U JT!

  3. single_female_lawyer says:

    yea see I know that this whole lawsuit thing was BS. Half the people that work with Nsync are African-American and it wouldn’t make sense that Nsync would say those things.

  4. stallion says:

    Anybody who believe this story is an idiot the only people that want this story to be true are the people that hate N’sync and want them to fade away but we all know this isn’t true.

  5. fingJTallnightlong says:

    haha stupid dumbass(duarte). ni**a please, of course *NSYNC isn’t racist. I am half black and when I met juju and the guys they were great and such sweet people. everyone around them is black and they were all treated with the upmost respect. stop with the bull***** loser.

  6. JnChrisFan1 says:

    I am black myself….and I know damn good and well that Nsync is not racist, its all about money wich is pretty sad….if they were racist then they wouldn’t have worked with half the people they have worked with, sh*t half there entourage is African American, they wouldn’t have gone on BET or half of the parties and such….Even Justin said himself and I quote “I have a weakness for sistas”, come on now…this case will be dismissed in a heartbeat

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