JoJo – And Her Mom – Are Anxious To Get The Truth Out

updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@jojoonline) on Thursday (July 16) as the pop singer continues to sound off on difficulties in getting her new album ‘All I Want Is Everything’ released. The 18-year-old writes:

Things out on the left coast are going really well and I am so happy to be out here. I’m writing songs to place on other recording artists and vibing with some really talented producers. My mom is probably more anxious than I am to get the truth about what’s going on with my “record company” (yes i put it in quotations lol) out there, but I still feel that I should be a bit vague about it. (My mom is awesome and I love her to death, btw!) She is just tired of people coming up to her asking “if I’m still doing music” or why I haven’t “put anything out in so long.” She gets upset (probably as much as I do) knowing that circumstances are holding me back from doing what I love to do. She just wants people to know the truth, but unfortunately its not always that simple. I will say, though, that the company that I signed with years ago STILL does not have distribution- and I am not trying to just pass the blame around- but it legitimately is not my fault. There are things that are totally, 100% outside of my control. I truly can’t wait to be more candid with you. Its not as simple as just “going to another label” or “releasing a single yourself”. Oh, if only it were….. uuugh. But contracts and legal obligations are CRAAYYYZZZZYYYYYYY!

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