JoJo Celebrates 16th Birthday

celebrated her 16th birthday with fans in New York City at Caravan on December 14th. She told TheShowbuzz correspondent Poppy Harlow she doesn’t feel like an adult yet … more like a young lady.

On whether she feels like a woman now being 16:

I don’t feel like a woman. I feel like a young lady. I’m just trying to hold on to my youth. I don’t mind being young. I like to be young. I like to be I’d like to hold onto that. So maybe next album when I’m 18 or 19, I can explore different parts of myself. I feel that with every album you’ll hear growth and you’ll hear maturity.

On the new album ‘The High Road’:

I only got to write one song on this album. I wrote three on the first. It’s just a struggle between the artists and the label, just like with everyone else. As I get older, I’m asserting my independence, my authority more, so I’m going to continue to do that.

Watch the interview via below the cut. Check out pictures from RexFeatures.

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