JoJo Loves Being Single

JoJo gives fans the eye

checked in with her Twitter followers (@JoJoistheway) on Friday (December 17), talking about being unattached. The 19-year-old, prepping to finally release her third album ‘All I Want Is Everything’ next year, tells readers:

I LOVE being single. Having someone to love and love you back is BEAUTIFUL. No doubt. But at this time in my life, I enjoy my independence, privacy, and space. I have the chance to make mistakes, learn my likes and dislikes, so when the time comes to settle down, there will be no question as to “Am I rushing into this? Am i doing the right thing?” While I focus on myself and my career, I am learning to embrace The Single Woman that I am. Loving my friends, my family, and my work associates. Exploring the world with my own two eyes, on my terms.

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2 thoughts on “JoJo Loves Being Single

  1. mahmood says:

    hi bebe

  2. fuzhead says:

    i love jojo, and Lindsay lo hand i thought they were the same person.

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