JoJo Loves Jazz

Boston singer JoJo

recently spoke with Idolator in a Q&A, where the 20-year-old “veteran” pop singer talked about her upcoming third album ‘Jumping Trains’, touring with , releasing the ‘Can’t Away From Me’ mixtape last year, international promo plans, how her songwriting has evolved, growing up idolizing , and her love for jazz.

“Oh my god, I would faint at the thought of it — but faint from excitement,” JoJo said about the prospects of recording a few jazz songs. “I love jazz! Yes, I would love to do that. I listen to jazz all the time. Jill Scott is one of my favorite artists. Not that she’s a jazz singer, but there’s a lot of jazz influence. She recorded this cover of ‘Good Morning Heartache’, which, there’s a small saxophone solo at the beginning, and I listen to that every day. Jazz makes me feel so many different ways.”

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