JoJo Misunderstood About JC Chasez Collaboration

Contributed by jcsfan88:

DinaScalari posted a message at the JJB forum indicating of KIIS FM in Los Angeles had written to say an earlier comment he made about star had been a misunderstood. He writes, “I know some website said that I said Jive was making him do a collaboration but I never said that. What I did find out was that the reason JC pushed the single back was that he’s still trying to decide what the 1st single is going to be… may be something he’s already recording, may be a collaboration that he hasn’t recorded yet. Will hopefully know something soon, but judging from the stuff I heard awhile back – whatever he brings out will be amazing.”

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5 thoughts on “JoJo Misunderstood About JC Chasez Collaboration

  1. nellysgirl says:

    LMAO people at the JJB are crazy.

  2. elgato says:

    has anyone ever heard JoJo say an album sucks? he’s just a cheerleader

  3. Stallion says:

    I wouldn’t be surprise if all the rumors that we hear come from website like this.

    What do you care about JoJo opinion Gato. You already have your mind made up about JC album so why do you care about the news about it.

  4. elgato says:

    who said anything about JC’s album? nobody cares about that flop. I’m talkin’ about JoJo.

  5. Stallion says:

    ^Idiot this article is about JC album and JoJo talking about it. Since we are on the subject of an album flop than let’s talk about Now or Never.

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