JoJo Sounds Off On Delays In Getting Third Album Ready

updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@jojoonline) on Tuesday (February 3), discussing her frustration with delays in getting her new music out, books she’s been reading, and offered a salad recipe. The 18-year-old tells readers:

I’m writing this to vent a bit… Perhaps I’m a bit overzealous to release the new material that I’ve recorded out as the process of waiting becomes increasingly agitating by the week. Friends, family, folks I meet on the street have been asking me “When are you coming out with something new?” And unfortunately, I don’t have a concrete answer. And then there’s my favorite question- “Are you DOING anything?” Lol… yes. I promise I don’t sit around on my sofa in sweatpants all day. Although I’m not on tv, magazines, radio right now – I’m still working below the radar putting the new songs together and get things ready. I do my part and will energetically and enthusiastically continue to do so- but its also very much so up to the other people involved in the behind-the-scenes aspect of my project. Its frustrating and inauspicious to feel out of control in certain areas of life, but I ultimately I believe that everything happens for a reason and will serve as a learning experience. I think that when things don’t go down exactly the way you envisioned them happening, there is a purpose behind it.

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One thought on “JoJo Sounds Off On Delays In Getting Third Album Ready

  1. Robby says:

    I think Jojo rocks and her album rocks!

    Her 3rd album, “All Iw want is everything” sounds cool.
    Just make music videos and people will love you to death.
    Go on tour too.


    The vide starts with you walking down on the streets with
    your friends.

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