JoJo’s Continued Evolution

Ever since one of my contacts over at i.e. marketing (whaddup Stephanie!) first put me on to I’ve been a fan. At the time I was writing more heavily about Hip-Hop than anything else and JoJo was obviously a hard pitch. I was told “I’ve got a hot 13 year old singer named JoJo. Trust me on this one Adam, you will like her.” I sighed a bit, but said yes. The advance of her self-titled debut showed up and after one spin I was blown away. First off, she covered one of my favorite SWV songs, “Weak,” and she sounded so close to the original it was amazing. My first thought was “this girl has pipes!” Not only that, but the topic matter of her first album was right on target, it was a 13 year old singing about, for the most part, 13 year old topics, which was, and still is, a bit of a revolution with the grown up before they’re grown up teen stars of today. Yesterday her latest CD, The High Road, hit my desk, and I put it into my CD player with tons of expectations. For the full story, visit

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